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What’s It Gonna Be?

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Alas, the time of year has come where winter has passed and warm weather has taken over in most parts of the country and people are forced to dip into their closet for their spring and summer attire. This includes…GASP…the dreaded swim suit/trunks!!!!

This is a welcome and exciting time for those who have developed good habits, done their “homework” and busted their ass all winter to make sure they’re prepared for the upcoming warm weather.

On the opposite end of the spectrum…it’s an equally terrifying time for those who haven’t done anything but super-sized their fries, drank a few too many cold ones and made every excuse in the book as to why they just can’t get it done.

You can witness the terror first-hand by the observing the overwhelming influx of people in the gym two weeks before Memorial Day weekend in brand new (usually unnecessarily tight-fitting) workout clothes, tennis shoes with their iPods strapped to their arms ready to conquer the world in one big workout! While I 100% commend and support anyone taking the steps to lead a better/healthier lifestyle by taking control of their lives, it also disappoints me at the same time to see this “mad rush” to get in shape for summer.

As I was telling my workout partner last week, there is NOTHING more inspiring to me than seeing someone who is overweight/out of shape in the gym busting their ass in the gym to make progress. The part that disappoints me is that 98% of the time you only see these people once or twice and then they are gone until New Years…and the cycle repeats itself.

What’s the deal with this people?!

The time is now! Not every six months when you get the absolute shit scared out of you at the thought of having to show your beer belly or cellulite-covered thunder-ass in a swimsuit.

When are you going to realize that you can’t get in shape in just two weeks?

When are you going to realize that you can’t go to happy hour four nights a week and still lose fat?

When are you going to stop making excuses and decide to make it happen once and for all?!

Here is the reality:

• If you are out of shape…it IS your fault.

• You are where you are today because of YOU.

• No one else put those fries in your mouth, those beers down your throat (don’t get me wrong…I love beer, too) or that extra large pizza in your pie-hole.

• No one tied your ass to the couch preventing you from moving.

• It’s not your genetics.

• It’s not because you have kids.

• It’s not because you’re too busy.

• It’s not because you’re too old.

• You don’t have to eat what your kids eat (why are you feeding them that crap in the first place?!…but that’s another story completely).

• Healthy food doesn’t taste bad.

• It’s not too expensive to eat healthy (actually it’s the opposite)

No, you are where you are because YOU have decided not to do the actions that are required in order for you to get in shape. Its very simple.

• You have been lazy.

• You have been undisciplined.

• You haven’t made your fitness and health a priority.

• You are missing out on life.

• Most of all, YOU have decided to accept being less than your best as a reality of life…and that’s no way to live.

That’s the truth.


Are you pissed now? Good…you should be. That means you have a pulse.

The reality is, you can do this. You want it. I want it. Those who love you want it. We all want to see you succeed and be happy…but until you stop making all these bullshit excuses, accept responsibility for where you are and start taking consistent action toward your end goal it isn’t ever going to happen.

I can tell you first-hand as someone who isn’t “naturally fit” or “genetically blessed” and has battled the same challenges with being over-fat my entire life that everyone else has…you’re going to have to work your ass off. Period. Being in shape is something that is going to have some costs associated with it…but the cost are minimal in regards to what you get back. Think how much better your life will really be. Think how much happier you’ll be. Its worth it.

Being fat is a lifestyle. Just like being lean & fit is a lifestyle. It’s not an accident. It’s a choice. It’s a habit. Developing good habits are hard (at first at least) for everyone! You aren’t the exception. You aren’t that “special case” that just can’t lose fat and get in shape. And yes, this is YOUR fault!

I’m not going to let you off the hook with your bullshit excuses you tell yourself and everyone else (that no one buys…not even you). I care about you too much. I want to see you succeed…and until you accept the truth…it wont happen. No, I’m not much on political correctness or sensitivity…but I am big on truth. The fact is, TRUTH = RESULTS when it comes to life progress…and I want you to progress…not just talk about it.

There is no miracle cure for being an overfed, under-exercised, undisciplined, lazy tub of jiggle-goo coming down the pipe anytime soon (or ever). It’s either make the decision to finally do the work, get over the hump, change your life and be the best YOU that you can be or keep being miserable…those are the ONLY two choices.

Life is short…so what’s it gonna to be?






















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Andrew Frisella
Andrew Frisella

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