Your New Years Resolution: Eat More Fast Food!!

Seriously? Did I really just see a Taco Bell commercial touting the weight loss benefits of eating there everyday? Yep, I sure did. I am sitting here in my office working and I have the Miami/Wisconsin bowl game on and on comes this commercial for this lady who lost like 30 lbs over THREE YEARS eating Taco Bell. Not only is this an unoriginal desperate copycat marketing attempt (isn’t that right Jared?), it’s downright predatory.

“Just in time for the New Year! Lose weight eating Taco Bell!” Think of all the people out there who are desperate to lose weight in 2010 who are going to see that and somehow justify to themselves that this is actually a great idea. Instead of making a plan that involves a little discomfort and effort that actually works, they are going to take the “easy road” and put some half-ass, misguided, misinformed effort forth. They will fail…and then sink deeper into the mind set of “I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me”. It’s a vicious circle that leads one to a lower quality of life. Every time someone fails at losing weight it gets harder and harder for them to ever believe that ANYTHING will ever work for them. They begin to believe that they are some sort of special case and that they just cannot, no matter what they do, ever get in shape. It’s sad, completely untrue and the weight loss industry counts on this cycle to sustain it’s business. They give people hope through huge unbelievable promises, allow them to fail, give them hope again with a newer, easier, faster way/product and allow them to fail again and on and on. Not only has this ruined people’s confidence and self esteem, it’s made them believe that they are some sort of freak outcast to the world because they can’t lose weight. It’s very unfortunate and not to mention completely messed up.

Don’t feed me that scientific/theoretic nonsense: “If you eat one taco five times a day you can lose weight because its only 307.2 calories”! It’s shit food and you know it! It has has no place in someones diet who’s trying to get in great shape.

It really pisses me off that a huge company would spend their marketing dollars to help perpetuate this cycle for the almighty dollar. Yes, people should be smarter than that, but apparently they aren’t. That doesn’t make it alright to pull one over on the unsuspecting. In my opinion, a message like this is morally wrong in so many ways. Taco Bell should be ashamed of themselves. Stick to what you’re good at…feed drunk people a “fourth meal” that they perceive to be delicious, but otherwise would never eat if it weren’t for their inebriated state. Oh yeah, and give them diarrhea too.

This is a prime example of what is really wrong with the mentality of America today. “Land of the Free” should be changed to “Something for Nothing”.

“Sure, hit the border everyday and you’ll get in great shape!” Seriously? What the hell is wrong with people? Have we as a nation really become that pathetic? So pathetic that we would believe that going to eat at Taco Bell to get in shape is a good idea? You know better…don’t you? I am, for once, almost speechless.

Not so fast…I said almost.

Needless to say, if this is your weight loss plan for the New Year…you’re an idiot and you deserve to be bitch slapped with a Mexican pizza.

Wake the hell up people! Corporate America thinks you’re stupid. Are you insulted? You should be.

We live in a society that sings the instant gratification mantra of “no effort, all reward” all hours of the day. Everywhere you turn you’re blasted by big corporate marketing with the message of “QUICK”, “EASY”, “FAST”, “CHEAP” & “PAINLESS”. You’d think that a little hard work, dedication and discipline would literally kill someone. I can’t believe the crap people will advertise. Even worse, I can’t believe that people actually buy these products and ideas.

If there were all these secret shortcuts we’d all be rich, famous, better looking than Brad Pitt and have bigger schlongs than John Holmes, but that just isn’t the way it is. (ladies plug in your own wish list…it’s not true either). You have to do the work.

The reality is nothing in life that is quick, easy, fast, cheap or painless is worth having.

Burn that last sentence it into your mind.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes without a price.

You are capable of great things in your lifetime! GREAT THINGS! They all come with a price.

You can either pay now or pay later, but you are going to pay either way. Something for nothing doesn’t exist…no matter what Corporate America tells you.

Doing the work is the quickest, easiest, fastest, cheapest and most pain free way of achieving you goal. It is the shortcut.

But in your heart you already knew that didn’t you?