1st Phorm's Megawatt V2 Review

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Review by Aaron - Submitted on November 2, 2018 | verified review
Im sure everyone who has tried different pre-workouts from various companies are all to familiar with the skin crawling feeling after you drink said pre-workout followed by the itchy sweats you get during the workout... with MEGAWATT I didn’t get that at all! I followed the directions as I normally would when trying a new product and, i found not only did I get an incredible pump but, I was also super focused and ready for new PR’s ( even though I wasn’t supposed to be doing PR’s the first time I drank it) all without a huge crash, itchy sweats and no skin crawlie feeling I have forced myself to get used to. All in all I really like this product and will be coming back for more in the near future for sure! MAGAWATT is a new staple for sure and I’m happy I finally decided to give it a try!
Thank you for your time and I look forward to trying a lot more of what 1stphorm has to offer!

P.s the hand written thank you note I got from Ricky L. Was a nice touch I thought aswell.
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