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Ultimate Fat Loss Stack

Capitalize on the work you're putting in with a combination of products designed with one thing in mind - the best results possible! Results start with nutrition and Level 1 and Micro Factor will ensure consistency by supplying your body the nutrients it needs. Then after you are done training, Phormula 1 and Ignition will get you into recovery as quickly as possible to speed up recovery, reduce soreness, and help you feel better for the rest of the day. With all of your foundational needs met, the Royal-21 King Weight Loss System will speed up results by boosting your metabolism to burn fat, give you a commanding charge of energy, annihilate your cravings to control your appetite, reduce your cortisol, and increase mental alertness. You'll get results like you've never seen before with the male-specific Transphormation Stack!

This stack contains:

  • Royal XXI King
  • Thyro-21
  • Core-21
  • Opti-Greens 50
  • Micro-Factor
  • Phormula-1
  • Ignition
  • Level-1
  • Full-Mega


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