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The Weight Loss Stack covers every aspect of your daily diet plan to help you burn as much fat as possible everyday. Nutrition is a crucial part of weight loss and we can't afford to skip meals or starve ourselves. Level-1 is your meal replacement so you aren't skipping meals and can remain anabolic. M-Factor is your foundational product that provides you with micronutrients to help process your macronutrients to optimize your metabolism for fat loss . The Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System will melt away your unwanted fat, lose inches to drop dress sizes, and give you focused energy all day! The Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss Stack simply sets you up for increased success!

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Queen Weight Loss Stack Customer Reviews

So far, so good
I'm only a few weeks in to using these products. The level-1 is delicious and helps me recover after my workouts. I noticed greatly improved sleep with the core-21 in the royal xxx, and the others don't make me feel jittery. So far, So good. I anticipate great results.
Overall Rating
Review by Kristy / (Posted on 2/11/2019) | Verified Review

Jumpstarting my transformation!
These products have been exactly what i needed to reset my body and mind for my transformation! I am only on day 4 and my goal is to lose 75-100 pounds. Some might scoff at my review being so premature but i can state for fact i have had no cravings, which in times past would derail me by day 2. I have had increased energy, and clarity of mind which has contributed to my over all well being. I am eager to continue my reveiw after 30 days!
Overall Rating
Review by Candace / (Posted on 1/10/2019) | Verified Review

So far so good
This product does not make me nauseous which was a concern of mine. The protein tastes really good and easy to drink!
Overall Rating
Review by Candice / (Posted on 1/9/2019) | Verified Review

Royal 21 Queen Stack
Ups your weight loss gains with consistent exercise. This will not melt away fat for you, but it will definitely help you melt it away! After one week I could already tell a difference in my increased metabolism, and curved hunger!
Overall Rating
Review by Kayle / (Posted on 1/4/2019) | Verified Review

Best stack ever!
I love the royal queen stack. It’s effective and works well. Make sure you stay hydrated and follow the directions with drinking enough water with the pills. I love that it doesn’t make me jittery and I love the core 21. I get the best sleep ever with this stack! I will he ordering it again!
Overall Rating
Review by Kristin / (Posted on 12/20/2018) | Verified Review

Love this package!
I like it all! The shake is my favorite though!
Overall Rating
Review by Aubrie / (Posted on 12/20/2018) | Verified Review

I love making protein coffee with the caramel brûlée flavour. I feel like I’m having a decadent sinful treat every morning without any decadent sinful side effects! It took a while to get used to the Queen because I would feel anxious and slightly nauseous, but I made it through the adjustment phases and am doing well. I can already see and feel change in my physique and energy levels.
Overall Rating
Review by Katrine / (Posted on 12/13/2018) | Verified Review

Awesome Products
I’m so impressed with how much these products seem to be helping me. The protein tastes amazing. The supplements have been helping with my energy levels and cravings throughout the day.
Overall Rating
Review by Gabriele / (Posted on 12/7/2018) | Verified Review

Love this stack
This is my second purchase of this stack and plan to continue purchasing it! Amazing results
Overall Rating
Review by Cindy / (Posted on 11/27/2018) | Verified Review

My stack
I love ALL my supplements. I'm having more energy for sure, and just feel better overall!
Overall Rating
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 11/15/2018) | Verified Review

Energy with no jitters
I just started this regiment and so far it’s great! I’ve tried other supplements and typically get the jitters but so far none with First Phorm. The ice cream sandwich level one also tastes amazing!! I feel like i’m Getting the sweets I love but building muscles at the same time.
Overall Rating
Review by Rebecca / (Posted on 11/14/2018) | Verified Review

So far so good!
I'm still trying to get used to it but so far so good. havn't seen weight loss like I would like yet, but I feel my clothes getting looser.
Overall Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 11/2/2018) | Verified Review

Just finished first 5 days, big fan so far as it doesn’t give me the jitters
Overall Rating
Review by Corissa / (Posted on 11/1/2018) | Verified Review

Great Started Stack
I used this as my starter stack to get things going! The Level 1 protein takes great with milk or water! And the M-Factor is helping me feel better while taking the Queen 21 stack! I highly recommend this stack!
Overall Rating
Review by Dana / (Posted on 10/31/2018) | Verified Review

So far so good
The protein tastes pretty good, thermogenics definitely heat you up. Not sure yet if its aiding in fat loss, but you feel the effects from it.
Overall Rating
Review by Mackenzie / (Posted on 10/30/2018) | Verified Review

These products all work together to achieve optimum results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or to sleep through the night, these products ROCK!
Overall Rating
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 10/26/2018) | Verified Review

Pretty awesome!
Still kind of soon to see a real difference, but I've had more energy and not the jittery kind, a clean smooth energy. I have also noticed a difference in sleep, it's better than normal! And I need that being a working mom of 2 littles! Thank you 1st phorm!
Overall Rating
Review by Ashlynne / (Posted on 10/17/2018) | Verified Review

I love it!
The shake taste amazing!

I’m only 2 days in for taking the pills but I can already tell the ones are helping me sleep better. Will be ordering more soon because I don’t want to run out
Overall Rating
Review by Todd / (Posted on 10/5/2018) | Verified Review

Ultimate ladies weightloss
I love the taste of the pumpkin! I love also that it contains bcaa’s. Bonus! The weightloss pack gives me a kick during the day & a better nights rest!
Overall Rating
Review by Kristy / (Posted on 10/3/2018) | Verified Review

Absolutely love
First of all, you need to be consistent with the royal stack. You won’t see results if you don’t follow the instructions or stick to the regimen. It gave me so much energy but also I think just leading a healthier lifestyle also gave me more energy. I would only recommend this product AFTER you’ve established some discipline in your weight loss journey. Level 1 is great and taste amazing. I was buying other protein hands down this is the best tasting.
Overall Rating
Review by Victoria / (Posted on 9/29/2018) | Verified Review

Overall a great product
I gave this a 4 star rather a 5 bc for one wouldnt let me do a 4.5 but another reason being is the Queen stack offers alot of greatness that you can feel right away. Only downside for me is that it says not to eat before taking the thyro an the XXL Royal Queen about 30-45 mins before eating inwhich only made me super sick for the a min after. So Ive had to either eat really light before or drink my shake before i take it. Which i find a bummer. The core 21, I sleep better an have more restful sleep if i remembered to take it. I work nights so was kinda hard to remember by the time i got home. The Mfactor i love. It is alot of pills to take especially on workout days but I have noticed that my complexion, hormones, and joints feel a bit better an look better with taking these combinations together. The cookie dough cake batter isnt bad. I thought it would taste completely different than what it does but its very light. It doesnt foam up like most protein does. You can definitely taste the quality of the powder itself but i thought it have a stronger flavor to its name. To me it taste alot like a cinnamon protein powder. Overall i enjoyed the stack. Im eager to try different proteins an the micro factor vitamins. Kinda curious how different it would be if i took those instead of the 14 pills i take normally with this stack. But thank you i appreciate the stack an the opportunity to try such a good product.
Overall Rating
Review by Ariel / (Posted on 9/18/2018) | Verified Review

Love it!!
The queen gives me the much needed energy to get through my day and still have energy for my workout! The Core lets me achieve a deep sleep so I wake up feeling refreshed!
Overall Rating
Review by Kirsten / (Posted on 9/3/2018) | Verified Review

These weight loss products are amazing! Most weight loss supplements hurt my stomach and make me nauseous if I take them on an empty stomach. 1st Phorms product does not do that at all. I feel great and energized. I will definitely be purchasing again!
Overall Rating
Review by Haley / (Posted on 9/1/2018) | Verified Review

Finally Taking It to the Next Level
I have always been a clean eater and exercising, but I have a stressful job and never seem to see any results. After using the Queen Weight Loss Stack, I have noticed increased energy, better sleep, and the inches are coming off! I can't wait to see where it takes me as I continue to use it!
Overall Rating
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 8/23/2018) | Verified Review

Great product
The product is great. Everything from the packaging, instructions, and the actual results. My favorite part was that I got a hand written note on the packing slip. Such a personal touch. I am one week into using this stack and I have been feeling great, getting in great workouts, getting great sleep, and best of all seeing great results. Was that too many “greats”? Well that is exactly how it is. I will continue to use these products and try some different ones.
Overall Rating
Review by Kelsey / (Posted on 8/23/2018) | Verified Review

Easy ordering, great products
Overall Rating
Review by Tiffany / (Posted on 8/22/2018) | Verified Review

I never hesitated to purchase these products. From the lengthy conversations with the helpful, passionate representatives I spoke to prior to purchasing, to the handwritten note on my order form, I knew I would love the products!! The shake is so delicious, you would think it was a dessert! The vitamins and other items work so well together, I have no side effects or experience any negative physical issues. I love these items! THANK YOU!!!
Overall Rating
Review by Charisse / (Posted on 8/21/2018) | Verified Review

So good!!
The flavor taste amazing and actually fills me up for longer than any other meal replacements I’ve tried. As for the supplements, they’ve been great so far and my energy levels have been up!
Overall Rating
Review by Nicole / (Posted on 8/20/2018) | Verified Review

Great products
Great flavor on the protein, ready to put in another order!
Overall Rating
Review by Richelle / (Posted on 8/18/2018) | Verified Review

I could not do without my queen stack. There is nothing like it that compares
Overall Rating
Review by Kandice / (Posted on 7/30/2018) | Verified Review

Queen weight loss stack is amazing!
I love this product!! I have energy through the whole day and have enough motivation/energy to workout in the evening! Also I’ve been using the level-1 protein supplement And the ice cream sandwich is my favorite!
Overall Rating
Review by Chelsea / (Posted on 7/30/2018) | Verified Review

Weight loss stack
I love this weight loss stack! It makes me feel incredible and I have lost a pound so far! I sleep so much better, and the meal replacements make me full and they are so easy to make!
Overall Rating
Review by Cassandra / (Posted on 7/26/2018) | Verified Review

I love the level 1 and the supplements I purchased. The royal queen I can on take one a pill instead of 2 each time.
Overall Rating
Review by Jamie / (Posted on 7/25/2018) | Verified Review

I LOVE 1st Phorm products! They’re fantastic! These products work well for me and I recommend them to anyone
Overall Rating
Review by Kelsey / (Posted on 7/16/2018) | Verified Review

Almost 50!!
Bought the queen stack on the advice of my son Derek. Who was using the products. Started last year at 47. Felt amazing! Lost weight toned up, slept better. At 48 products are still amazing! So many women who are coming up on 50 struggle with thyroid problems, hormonal problems from menapause, thinking healty body weight and toned muscles are impossible! I highly recommend 1st phorm!!! See what your body is still capable of!
Overall Rating
Review by Kelley / (Posted on 7/13/2018) | Verified Review

Great Product
Not only was everything delivered on time but the products have been great. The Vanilla Ice Cream protein powder was delicious and tastes like cake batter. It works well with several different kinds of shakes and in oatmeal. I have been using the Thyro 21 and the C21 five days a week and truly sleep better. The combination of everything along with my diet and exercise just helps even everything out.
Overall Rating
Review by Katie / (Posted on 7/5/2018) | Verified Review

I am blown away!!
I take about $400 a month in prescription meds for a few conditions, and I haven't needed the majority of them since I started using this product! I have more energy then I have had in years and I simply feel amazing. I'm beyond impressed with the results so far.
Overall Rating
Review by Elissa / (Posted on 6/21/2018) | Verified Review

I am honestly shocked! The Royal 21 is amazing! It has subsided my hunger as promised and has been a great benefit to my daily routine. The protein shake taste EXACTLY like an ice cream sandwich and I’ve really been feeling the energy from this whole package. Not only is my hunger and cravings under control now but I have energy through the entire day all the way through my workouts at 8-9pm! I will be repurchasing this stack for the months to come! #iam1stphormforlife!
Overall Rating
Review by Kelli / (Posted on 6/4/2018) | Verified Review

Great shake
Loved the protein shake!
Overall Rating
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 5/29/2018) | Verified Review

15lbs lost in 5.5 Weeks!
First let me say, with every single order I've gotten a handwritten note. I can't think of another company that takes the time to thank their customers in every order. So much love for this company. Onto the review: The Level-1 protein makes an amazing meal replacement shake, and is SOOO yummy. It tastes so much like a milkshake (I got the ice cream sandwich which I think tastes just like Coldstone's Cake Batter). The supplement stack is also great. Its helped me to lose almost 15 lbs in 5.5 weeks. I've never taken supplements, so at first getting used to what to take and when to take it was a little confusing, but like anything, it becomes a habit once you're in the routine! 110% recommend this stack!
Overall Rating
Review by @MoldingSophie / (Posted on 5/25/2018) | Verified Review

Love these products!
Great products and really work
Overall Rating
Review by LeeAnn / (Posted on 5/24/2018) | Verified Review

Pounds to Lose
I’ve lost two pounds in four days... I’ll take it! Wait until I throw in some exercise!
Overall Rating
Review by Angie / (Posted on 5/19/2018) | Verified Review

Great product!
Everything about the product I love!! I even got my boyfriend into them. We both love everything you guys have. The protein taste just like it saids it does it is DELICIOUS and when you add berries it takes even better!!
Overall Rating
Review by Gabriela / (Posted on 5/18/2018) | Verified Review

These products actually work. The protein actually taste like what it says it is. You can bake with it. The royal queen is helping me lose my fat.
Overall Rating
Review by vanessa / (Posted on 5/13/2018) | Verified Review

Queen stack
Very easy to take...great products...
Overall Rating
Review by Christina / (Posted on 5/9/2018) | Verified Review

The Chocolate flavor Level 1 is fantastic! It's literally like drinking a healthier version of a milkshake, and it's just protein and water! The supplements included in with this stack are amazing as well, providing the kick start I needed to get my diet and metabolism back on track. Overall, I have more energy and am just feeling healthier! Love these products!
Overall Rating
Review by Naci / (Posted on 4/26/2018) | Verified Review

I can tell a difference...
I am only a few days into taking the products. I will say I can absolutely tell a difference with my sleep on the core 21. I typically get up and down all night long and have not done that since taking this product. On the Royal product and M factor I’m noticing more clarity, no jitters, and just the over all feel good energy. I highly recommend these products.
Overall Rating
Review by Darian / (Posted on 4/13/2018) | Verified Review

Queen Weight Loss Stack
Products that actually work. Also appreciate the hand written notes on invoices as extra motivation. Love this company!
Overall Rating
Review by Elizabeth / (Posted on 4/7/2018) | Verified Review

no one the royal pack
I liked the level 1 and m-factor but the royal pack made me have high anxiety figety and feel like i was going to barf
Overall Rating
Review by Christiana / (Posted on 4/6/2018) | Verified Review

Shake’s too thick but caps are great!
The shake is sooooo thick & slimy I choked & gagged half of it down once & haven’t been able to bring myself to try it again. Maybe if I do 1 scoop it would be drinkable?! Taste was good though. Love the capsules. Clean energy, no crash. A whoooole lot of ‘em to take though!!
Overall Rating
Review by Shannon / (Posted on 4/5/2018) | Verified Review

Results in 4 days.. on my cycle?!
I am sorry to the squeamish men, but this is a big deal to me as a girl. In four days of starting the product, I have noticed a flatter belly, more energy (without the jitters), better focus at work, all while.. bum bum bum.. on my period. I started this product at a very difficult time of the month, and some how, I am kicking butt. Girls, the Queen stack is awesome. HUGE shout out to my trainer JC360 for getting me started on this. I plan to keep shredding with this!
Overall Rating
Review by Alexandra / (Posted on 3/30/2018) | Verified Review

Just started the stack...
I just started this stack, this is my first time using 1st Phorm products. I have found that by the end of the day I feel so drug out and tired that I have a hard time getting through my workout after work. Will this feeling go away??
Overall Rating
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 3/30/2018) | Verified Review

This stack is fantastic.
I wanted to push my growth with fitness a little further, and this was my next step.

I feel I was provided the energy I needed on those hard days, the ability to maintain my fat loss, assistance with recovery and overall health was in a great place
Overall Rating
Review by elizabeth / (Posted on 3/29/2018) | Verified Review

The hype is SO REAL
Honestly I’ve never really loved any supplements. I’m one of those “try everything once” people so
I’m generally not brand loyal. However, I just have! I am sooooo addicted to this stack. I have been on this stack for 6 days and I have nothing but positive reviews. When I’m on the fat burner I have no jitters, Or nausea which I’ve gotten with basically every other one I’ve tried. When I’m off (since you cycle the fat burners) I feel no negative side effects. No crashing from less caffeine, and no wild hunger. Beyond that, this protein tastes UNREAL. I have not gone a day without the ice cream sandwich flavor. The flavor is identical. So so impressed by 1st Phorm in general! I’m hooked!
Overall Rating
Review by Lauren / (Posted on 3/27/2018) | Verified Review

all i can say is WOW!
Talk about kick starting my body and energy levels! I can really feel the positive affects. My friends notice the changes, too. I am already feeling so much different after just about 2 weeks. Sleep is amazing, appetite and focus are changing for the better.
Overall Rating
Review by Kris / (Posted on 3/19/2018) | Verified Review

I’m in control!
Seriously tho.... started Monday, today is Thursday and I can already tell you that I am not HUNGRY all damn day. It hit me when my husband asked if I was gonna get a “snack” 8:30pm! Normally my ass would be in the pantry at that time and with all honesty I said “no” I had no desire . I have fkn control .... if your thinking twice about this. Just Do it!
Overall Rating
Review by cristina / (Posted on 3/8/2018) | Verified Review

I’m in control!
Seriously tho.... started Monday, today is Thursday and I can already tell you that I am not HUNGRY all damn day. It hit me when my husband asked if I was gonna get a “snack” 8:30pm! Normally my ass would be in the pantry at that time and with all honesty I said “no” I had no desire . I have fkn control .... if your thinking twice about this. Just Do it!
Overall Rating
Review by cristina / (Posted on 3/8/2018) | Verified Review

Perfect Stack For a Budget
This stack has everything for a Goddess in training! If you're looking for a stack to build off of this is the one. I have increased energy and my appetite isn't through the roof. I'm so impressed and happy!
Overall Rating
Review by Christine / (Posted on 3/6/2018) | Verified Review

Emily Emery
Love this!! It's helped more then I could have imagined!
Overall Rating
Review by Emily / (Posted on 3/1/2018) | Verified Review

Love it BUT ....
I like the effects and it definitely helps with weight loss IF you are putting in th work, no complaints there. BUT after a couple of weeks I turn into a real grouch. I try to back off the M-factor a little to help with this but I can only do about 2 weeks of this then I need to take a break because I get a little overly grouchy.
Overall Rating
Review by Megan / (Posted on 2/13/2018) | Verified Review

Level 1 serves as a great meal replacer. MFactor Goddess is an amazing multi-vitamin and has helped tremendously with my hormones. Finally the royal queen is my ultimate favorite supplement. Note: this will not work if you do not work. You need to put forth the effort or in for any supplements to work!!!
Overall Rating
Review by Brittany / (Posted on 2/9/2018) | Verified Review

Good but not worth the $
suppress my appetite and gave me a little more energy. More than normal.
Overall Rating
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 2/6/2018) | Verified Review

Personal trainer
That it actually says what it does
Overall Rating
Review by J'Nai / (Posted on 2/2/2018) | Verified Review

Great stuff! Super energized.
Overall Rating
Review by Alex / (Posted on 2/19/2017) | Verified Review

A great kickstart!
Just what I needed to get started on my weight loss!
Overall Rating
Review by Jenn D / (Posted on 2/16/2017) | Verified Review


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