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Basic Training Stack

Ignition, Phormula-1, Level-1, M-Factor, MegaWatt HD & Full-Mega

It might sound cheesy, but it's true. If you have a goal, the Basic Training Stack will help you get there. How can one stack help someone trying to lose weight and someone trying to put on size? Simple, quality nutrition and exercise are crucial to your success. On one hand, the Basic Training stack gives you the tools to fuel your body with ... [Read More]

PR Blaster Stack

Ignition, ALPHACre HD, Phormula-1, Level-1, M-Factor & Full-Mega

Wanna know how to PR consistently? Take care of business outside the gym first. Proper recovery and nutrition after a grueling WOD or intense strength session will be crucial to your success in the gym and on the competition floor. Itês pretty simple ... precise nutrition, proper post workout, and then train with intent to be the best! Whether ... [Read More]

Let It Burn Stack (for Him)

Ignition, Thyro-Drive, M-Factor, Commander, Phormula-1, Level-1, Full-Mega & Opti-Core

Capitalize on the work you're putting in with a combination of products designed with one thing in mind - the best results possible! Results start with nutrition and Level 1, M-Factor, and Full-Mega will ensure consistency by supplying your body the nutrients it needs. Then after you are done training, Phormula 1 and Ignition will get you into ... [Read More]

Lean Muscle Builder Stack

Ignition, M-Factor, Anabolic Bridge, Night-T, ALPHACre HD, Phormula-1, Level-1 & AlphaSurge DRV

No matter where you are starting from, if you are looking to add muscle and increase strength, the Lean Muscle Builder Stack is for you. The progress you make is dependent on your consistent effort in AND out of the gym. By having Level 1, Anabolic Bridge and M-Factor, you will always have the nutrients you need to stay anabolic. AlphaCre HD ... [Read More]

2015 Athlete Search

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Andre Adams

IFBB Pro Men's Physique

Marisa LaRen

Tattoo Artist

Danny Jones

Elite Trainer

Tony Sentmanat

Law Enforcement Swat Operator

Johnnie Pickett


Derek Weida


Ryan Hansen

Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Leah Hill

Figure Competitor

Tywane Russell


Krystal Cantu


Ami Houde


Brett Becker


Gillian Becker

NPC Bikini

Tony Friedrich


Jeremy Mhire


Brendan O'Neill

Elite Trainer

Nick Weite 


Kelley Jackson


Kerri Hayes

IFBB Bikini Pro

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