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ST. LOUIS, MO | JUNE 18-20

Tickets Go On Sale:

APRIL 29 | 6:00PM CDT

Tickets sold out in 47 seconds this year 😱 ...But there is a chance that a few more tickets become available.

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So ... What is Summer Smash All About?

See for yourself...


What Is Summer Smash?

Summer Smash is our biggest festival of the year ... in fact we'd argue that it's the biggest celebration of its kind anywhere! You see, we're not big on expos ... you shouldn't have to stand in line for 3 hours just for a quick handshake and an autograph. We'd rather spend time with the people like you who make our brand possible. We're not celebrities ... we're real people just like you.

So we choose to do things a little differently. We do things bigger. So big, that we dedicate a whole weekend to the event. You see, our company has always been about truly connecting with our people ... getting to know them, and building relationships to help each other through the struggles that we all inevitably face at some point along our own fitness journeys.

Together, we've built a community that is about more than just fitness ... and the best way to show how much we appreciate you, is Summer Smash!

What Happens at Summer Smash?

If you haven't noticed yet ... we like to party. Summer Smash is no exception. The exact events for this year's SummerSmash are still a secret ... but to give you an idea, here's what we did at Summer Smash 2019...

It started with the groundbreaking ceremony at the site of our new World Headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Then we threw down on the dance floor at a local bar and grill, getting ready for the big event on Saturday. At the main event on Saturday, we had a blast!

Between the pool, dancing, and not to forget ... a performance by Nelly, Summer Smash 2019 did not disappoint! In addition to all of that, as another thank you to our amazing customers, Summer Smash attendees have the opportunity to snag limited edition apparel at the event.

Not only do we all get to have the time of our lives, but we do it in style!

This year is going to be EPIC!

👆 (Yep ... That's Nelly!) 👆

How Do You Attend Summer Smash?

That's easy ... you buy a ticket.

But that's the end of the easy part, my friend.

You see, we only have an extremely limited number of Golden Tickets go on sale each year...

and they go...


This year we sold out in 47 seconds ... That's pretty quick.

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