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The Legionnaire Program

If you’re interested in growing your personal brand in the health & fitness industry, helping others, and making an extra $1,000 a month or more, then we have an opportunity for you!

Transform your social media into a valuable resource that will generate more income for you...

How? Simply by teaching you the most effective ways to help people get results.


Through our Legionnaire Program, you can now become part of our team and boost your income by recommending premium quality 1st Phorm products to your clients and followers.


We have the widest range of the highest quality products your audience is already looking for, so all you need to do is insert our name into those interactions.

Not only will you gain full access to our premier product line, you will also get:

Unrestricted Access to our Marketing Team

For years now, our marketing team has gradually grown our customer base from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. As a Legionnaire, you will be a part of our team and you will get full access to their help and guidance. They will teach you all the skills they have used to help others achieve phenomenal success. We believe that with one of the world’s best marketing teams behind you, anything is possible.

Years of Industry Experience

Been there, done that. At 1st Phorm, we have a wide experience in the industry catering to our customers. Over the years, we have tried a wide range of strategies. Some have failed, some have worked, and we have perfected many others. By joining our team, you too will get access to this valuable wealth of knowledge and dedicated support from professionals that will boost your chances of success and growth in the fitness industry.

Social Media Tips from the Pros

Today, social media marketing seems to be all the rage. By keeping in touch with all emerging trends in the field, our experts have been able to build experience with specialized techniques that post impressive results. You will receive social media tips from the pros themselves on ways to increase your engagement and boost your conversion figures.

Easy and Fun Way to Earn an Additional Income ... $1,000+

Well, we can all use some extra cash in our pockets. Our Legionnaire Program allows you to get paid for doing what you love. You get to present a wide range of high-quality products that thousands of your followers and clients are already looking for. It doesn’t get better than this. Apply to join the program today and enjoy our more than generous commission rates.

And the Best Part About It All?

The only thing you'll need to do to be successful with this program is continue having the conversations you are already having with your clients and followers and helping them get the best results from their training. We'll help you take care of the rest by teaching you to have even better and more valuable interactions.


Get personal coaching from social media experts to help you build your personal brand in the fitness industry. We make sure you have all the tools and education you need to succeed, including 24/7 access to direct training and support.


With payouts up to 25% … and lifetime customers, no other program out there even comes close to what you can do with 1st Phorm. Excelling with us will lead to limitless growth and income potential within the fitness industry. You earn additional income just from doing what you already do ... help other people get results!


Many of our previous 1st Phorm Athlete Search Winners started with us as Legionnaires. By being a part of our Inner Circle, you’ll have an even better opportunity for us to get to know you and to showcase who you are and why you deserve to become a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete.


Represent 1st Phorm with confidence, knowing that every customer of yours is getting the absolute best quality products and is being handled by our N.A.S.M. Certified customer service team! It is our goal to get your customers the best results!

What Else Does Being a Legionnaire Give You?

This is not just another affiliate program. The Legionnaire Program is a community of like-minded people that have the goal of helping as many people as possible get the best results possible. We don’t just send you some graphics and tell you good luck. We will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, training, and supplementation to become a valuable resource to people around you and online.


You will be the go-to person when someone is looking for help. 8 of our previous Athlete Search Winners started as Legionnaires. By being a part of our inner circle, you’ll have an even better opportunity to showcase who you are and why you deserve to become a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete.


All of the 1st Phorm sponsored Elite Trainers were Legionnaires first. Being a Legionnaire is all about helping people get results and you can show us directly how passionate and effective you are at doing that. Those Legionnaires that do it the best have the opportunity to become part of a very exclusive group of Elite Trainers.


The list goes on ...


• Early access to SummerSmash Ticket
• Access to exclusive Legionnaire gear
• Ability to earn free products monthly
• The inside scoop and early access to new products and flavors
• Photo and video shoots with our world class media team

Meet Our Legionnaires

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. Here’s What Our Legionnaire’s Have to Say …

Claire Thomas


“I absolutely love being a part of the 1st Phorm phamily. The people are incredible! Executing on what I’ve learned in the Legionnaire Program has helped me grow in so many ways; including personally, professionally, and financially … and has propelled my fitness career! Showcasing what I could do in the Legionnaire Program earned me an Elite Athlete position with 1st Phorm."

Mike Counihan


“Five years ago I met Andy and Sal Frisella, and became a part of the 1st Phorm team.... and my life has never been the same. Being a part of this family has taught me things I already knew but just wasn’t applying and provided me with a sense of direction. They also taught me to put others first and that improving the lives of others and helping to solve their problems is where the greatest achievements are made. Not to mention that as a police officer, I am so grateful for how much this company is invested in supporting first responders."

Stephanie Lawler


"The coaching and education I’ve received in the Legionnaire Program helped me grow to a point where I was able to leave a 20-year teaching career to move into fitness full-time. Within just a few years, I was able to replace my income and combine my biggest passions: education and fitness by helping and serving others along their journeys."

Stacey Ervin Jr.


“I love being a part of this company because their values and beliefs align directly with mine. I am a huge believer in positive mindset and the law of attraction, and I’m dedicated to investing in others to help them develop the right attitude to succeed. Not only is that something that everyone at 1st Phorm embodies, but they work extremely hard to instill that same mindset and tenacity in everyone they help."

Emily Hayden


"I jumped at the chance to join the 1st Phorm Team because I already used and loved the products. It was slow at first, but once I started to incorporate the things they were teaching me, I saw a huge take off with clients starting to use and love the products! Now the Legionnaire program is a great addition to my income!"

Tim Jonart


“Anyone looking for a community to call home, a place where people make you feel comfortable with yourself while pushing you to be uncomfortable to make you better, the Coaches and this Phamily has a place for you. I am grateful for the support, courage, and education, and experiences I have gained through 1st Phorm. The lessons and experiences I have gained from this program have had a major positive impact on how I help others through fitness!"

What's Next?

It's all going to start with completing the application. Tap below to get started.