I am on a pretty strict budget. Can I just use Ignition to replenish my glycogen stores and get the same results as if I would take it with Phormula-1?

by 1st Phorm November 05, 2009 2 min read

This is a very common question, believe it or not, people always ask which one they should take and the answer is…unequivocally, undeniably, no question about it…BOTH. I always tell people the same thing: It’s like going to buy a brand new car and the salesman asks you if you need tires or a steering wheel to drive your car safely off the lot. You don’t need one or the other—for the absolute BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS (which is what you’re trying to accomplish) you need both.

Ignition’s purpose is three-fold: 1) Create an insulin spike to stop catabolic processes, 2) replenish glycogen stores (the most important function here), and 3) For the insulin to help deliver the hydrolyzed, pre-digested whey-isolate that you take with it directly into the muscle cells for maximum protein retention and absorption. (1,2) Taking Ignition solo will indeed spike insulin and begin to replenish your glycogen stores, which is great, but you are only taking advantage of part of the opportunity presented. You are in effect missing out on a tremendous opportunity to literally force amino acids into the micro traumas you just created with your weight workout for immediate repair and recovery (growth). With an insulin spike, your body begins looking for protein (amino acids) to shuttle into the muscle cell and if you don’t have anything there for it to move, you missed the bus! You effectively short circuiting your recovery by only giving your body half of what it needs. You don’t spend all that blood, sweat and tears in the gym to get half results do you? Throwing a hydrolyzed, pre-digested whey isolate in there at the same time is the way to take full advantage of that insulin spike you created with Ignition. It’s all about timing with your post-workout!

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