I’m trying to lose weight. If I use Ignition, is it going to make me fatter?

by Andrew Frisella November 03, 2009 2 min read

Ignition will not and cannot make you fat if used correctly. In fact, if used correctly post-weight training (Ignition should not be used post-cardio for someone trying to lose body fat) it will actually cause you to burn fat faster. Contrary to what you might have read about carbs being the devil, it’s just not true… Your body has the capacity post-workout to take in hundreds of grams of carbs without storing any as fat.(1) Of course this only applies if you are training intensely, but then again, if you’re not training intensely, you have no business taking supplements anyway. During intense resistance training your body will tear through and utilize almost all of your glycogen stores, which will amount to hundreds of grams of carbs your body needs to replenish depleted glycogen stores. By using Ignition, you are providing your body with the exact material needed to start the recovery process and also grow and maintain new muscle mass.

Muscle is the only tissue in your body that is metabolically active, which means muscle takes an energy source (calories) to maintain itself. This means, the more muscle you can hang on to while dieting, the higher capacity your body’s metabolism will have. This simply translates into more calories burned and less body fat. This means that for someone who is trying to lose fat and get ripped, Ignition is a must have, especially when you consider the natural catabolic nature of dieting. The goal of dieting, at least in athletics, is to lose as much fat as you can while holding on to as much muscle as possible. Proper post-workout nutrition is a MUST HAVE to create this result, otherwise your going to burn off more equal parts muscle and fat and end up looking like a soft, flabby, skinny, lighter and weaker version of yourself instead of a leaner, stronger, more athletically capable, ripped, in-shape specimen like you are going for.

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Andrew Frisella
Andrew Frisella