1st Phorm Elite Athlete Cavan Valance


Crossfit Athlete | Brooklyn, NY


My goal is to show you that we can accomplish our goals by doing the work every single day. I used to weigh nearly 300lbs with a 40 inch waist. I used to spend my time hanging in parking lots, bars, and with “friends” wasting time with cigarettes and alcohol, because I thought that was “cool". What wasn’t cool was having to come home to look at who I saw in the mirror.


I dug myself into a hole that only I could climb out of. I believe that we can all become better by making small, seemingly meaningless decisions everyday. These small, yet difficult choices will have the biggest impact on our lives. Slowly but surely we can become the version of ourselves that we want to be. Along the way, I lost my father. Sad, but it happened.


I saw this moment as an opportunity to identify the people that needed help taking their first steps towards better health. I knew I could help everyone who needed that push.

Today, you can find me running around NYC and Brooklyn taking care of my team and athletes at WillyB CrossFit! I also help others across the country with my brother, Derek at Hidden Summit. I am always going to train hard. What I lack in talent, I’ll make up in hard work.


I love CrossFit. It literally saved my life. When I’m not training or at work, you can be sure to find me eating delicious food ... or most likely on some little adventure with my fiancé, Lindsay.




what got you into fitness

I always played sports growing up. Lacrosse was my favorite. Things changed and I blew up to be nearly 300lbs ... that is when I decided I needed a change. I ended up losing enough weight to play lacrosse in college. I found CrossFit after college because I needed something to keep me competitive.

what's your Source of inspiration

Never going back to my past. Been there, done that. Better make the most of today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

what's your go-to cheat meal

To start, I would say pizza for sure, but not just any pizza. Shoutout to Rosa's upside Sicilian. Then a burger with bacon and fried egg on top with a side of yucca fries. I would finish this with a gigantic chocolate chip cookie from Levain bakery.

what's your favorite tv show

Peaky Blinders because of the characters, period. The cinematography is amazing.

what does 'never settle' mean to you

Don't coast. Give your best. Whatever that looks like today, give it your all. If not, you're only letting yourself down.

what's your biggest achievement

I am proud of winning the 1st Phorm athlete search which lead to me starting my own business, Hidden Summit! This allowed me to invest in and open our restaurant, Claudia's.

what keeps you going

We get one shot at this life. We never know who is watching us and needing us to lead by example. I always tell myself that with every step forward I am laying the foundation for whatever the future may bring.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

Becoming a part of 1st Phorm allowed me to see that I am capable of holding myself to a higher standard. I thought I did before I won, but being a part of this Phamily has kept me on a straight path towards success. I've been able to improve my communications skills, face my fears, learn new things, and be around the best people this world has to offer. All this and more has brought out the best in me, and I wouldn't change it for a thing.



Opti-Greens 50

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Micro Factor

"Intraformance is my favorite supplement to take during training. Since I train with a lot of intensity for long periods of time, it helps me prevent muscle breakdown and improve my endurance."

Digestive Enzymes

"Full Mega is a life saver for my joint pain! With how much I beat up my body, and how little healthy fat I consume... It's a game changer!"