1st Phorm Elite Athlete Dale Beatty


Fitness & Hunting Enthusiast | Sadieville, KY


I was the 2021 new year Transformation challenge runner up. My journey with 1st phorm started back in 2015 when I found Andy’s MFCEO project on SoundCloud. His energy and advice was captivating.

It wasn’t until years later when I decided to take control of my life all around. 1st phorm gave me the tools and resources to be successful in the challenge, but I had to do my part by putting the work in daily.

To be an elite athlete for a company that cares about their people is a tremendous honor. I had written on my mirror the goal of becoming a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete and that goal came true with discipline, sacrifice and effort.

Win the day.




what got you into fitness

I was into fitness in college but after graduating I found myself not working on my fitness as often. In 2021 I made the decision to become a better version of myself and to make fitness a priority.

what's your Source of inspiration

The future version of myself is my inspiration, because I refuse to go back to the person that I used to be.

what's your go-to cheat meal

Pizza & Cinnamon Rolls... Speaks for itself!

what's your favorite tv show

If I am not watching Yellowstone you can find me watching Midwest Whitetail or BowHunting.com on YouTube

what does 'never settle' mean to you

Striving to be 1% better every day.

what's your biggest achievement

Marrying my best friend Ashley Beatty & Completing 75 HARD which lead me to become mentally tougher & lose over 40 pounds.

what keeps you going

Striving to be 1% better every day.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

1st Phorm has helped me find my true self, the person that I was meant to be.


Life has been different since finding 1st Phorm, I find myself waking up now with more of a sense of purpose. I wear 1st Phorm proudly everyday because I know that not only have they helped myself find my purpose and self, but they have also influenced thousands of others to take back control.



Opti-Greens 50

"This is the GOAT of post workout."

Micro Factor

"I literally feel healthier after drinking them."

Digestive Enzymes

"Best protein bar on the market hands down."