1st Phorm Elite Athlete Dan Bailey


Crossfit Athlete | Columbus, OH


Dan was the 2011 CrossFit Games Open Champion and is a 5 time top ten CrossFit Games Athlete. He was named the 4th fittest man on earth in 2015 and has his masters in fitness and wellness. Dan is CrossFit Level-1 Certified, Weightlifting Certified and CrossFit Mobility Certified.




what got you into fitness

I started lifting with my friend in his Dad's basement at about age 10 and after watching The Terminator and Predator I knew I wanted to look like Arnold! My life largely revolved around weight training and athletics from then on pursuing every aspect of fitness I could find.

what's your Source of inspiration

God, the bible and Jesus Christ. No one or thing has had such a profound impact on this world for good. He defined what it looks like to be a leader and still be a servant to others.

what's your go-to cheat meal

Vanilla ice cream and a warm brownie. It just hits the right spot!

what's your favorite tv show

Don't watch enough to have one!

what does 'never settle' mean to you

You should always be learning, growing and changing until the day you die. The thought of being comfortable and eventually retiring to a rocking chair doesn't appeal to me. God gave me one life and I want the most from it. I hope I am working, growing and developing until I am 6ft under! That's what NEVER SETTLE means to me!

what's your biggest achievement

Ohio High School Champion 55m dash in 2003, 2nd State of Ohio 400m dash in 2003, Spirit of the Games award in 2015. Top 10 fittest man on earth for 5 years in a row, Winning the CrossFit Invitational with team USA in 2015, and finally meeting and marrying my wife after 37 years of looking for her!

what keeps you going

Knowing I have purpose in this life is what drives me. No one else can do what is needed to be done by me no matter how big or how small.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

1st Phorm has changed my life by giving me the tools to impact and change others lives.The core values aren't just words on a wall that look pretty. Everyone who works there from the top down holds the standard to all 12 and has been committed to helping me utilize my gifts to impact others in a positive way. It's not just a place I work for, it's a place I want to work for and be associated with due to the excellence of every team member.



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