1st Phorm Elite Athlete Don Brown


Hybrid Athlete & Coach | Herculaneum, MO


I love the challenge, the push, the hurt and the failure they are all vital for satisfaction. I have a passion for coaching, that sometimes is a little overwhelming for some, but my commitment to them is genuine as it gets. I love to see the growth and development of our young people. Sports can teach and develop you for so much that life has in store.




what got you into fitness

I have always been involved in all sports from soccer, basketball and baseball. Once football became available in junior high, that became my love. I went on to play at Benedictine College, then in Europe and some Arena Football. I use fitness to challenge myself, that’s where Bodybuilding, Marathon running and Triathlons all come to play.

what's your Source of inspiration

Seeing excellence take place at different moments of life or feats of achievement. Just excited to see people excel.

what's your go-to cheat meal

Mexican food and french fries!

what's your favorite tv show

I don't watch TV.

what does 'never settle' mean to you

Failure comes before quitting! Always raise your personal bar to new levels.

what's your biggest achievement

Reflecting back, it would be being inducted in to my College Alma Mater H.O.F for Football. I have always said I couldn’t have done it without my teammates. It is the ultimate team sport, very fortunate for my time with them.

what keeps you going

I keep going so I can encourage others and pass on that passion. Life is about lessons, we all can learn from one another.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

Being a part of 1st Phorm has given me countless opportunities and experiences that I will forever be grateful for. There is nothing I wouldn't do for the Phamily and the incredible people that are a part of it!



Opti-Greens 50

"Being a lifetime athlete, I have been hard on my body. Joint Mobility gives me relief for my joints. I can definitely tell when I don’t use it. My body is so much stiffer and sore more often after hard, explosive workouts."

Micro Factor

"The Primal Pack is amazing because it makes me feel like my young self. Keeps my test levels up and ready to perform on and off the court."

Digestive Enzymes

"Phormula-1 has been a game changer for my fitness training... especially with Ignition. It’s provides me with the right nutrients after workouts to be ready to crush my next assault session on my body."