1st Phorm Elite Athlete Stacey Ervin Jr.


Fitness Coach | Orlando, FL


My 17 year gymnastic career and passion for sports & coaching fed my love for health & fitness. I've had jobs in software account management, WWE/NXT Professional Wrestling, Live Performance Acrobatics at Disney World, and Gymnastics Coaching. Through all of it, I've remained committed to adding value and inspiring those around me in any way possible.


I started my journey with 1st Phorm in 2017 after stumbling on a video from Andy. I instantly felt connected to the message, the passion, and the vision Andy laid out. For me, 1st Phorm wasn't just another company, but a family of strong-minded people who are willing to put in the work to make the world a better place & make their dreams a reality.


I couldn't pass up on the opportunity so I quickly got involved. Now, I help people transform their lives through educating, empowering, and coaching them in their journey to their greatest potential.

I love working out, cooking, reading, athletic activities with friends, gymnastics, creating content, photography/videography, and traveling. Right now, I live in Orlando, FL and continue to nurture my coaching community: Wave Fitness. My favorite words to live by are: "Control the controllable".




what got you into fitness

One night, during my freshman year of college, a coach of mine saw me eating a tray of lasagna. Yes, a tray. A personal tray, but a tray nonetheless. I should mention that this was the night before a competition against a great team, also. He asked me, "Do you know how much food you're eating right now? Like, do you know how that's going to affect you?"


Honestly, at the time I had NO IDEA. I didn't have the slightest clue as to what macros were, how they play into my energy levels, body composition, etc. All the stuff a high-level athlete should be aware of. I didn't feel shamed by his question. I felt curious. The competition didn't go well for me, personally, the next day either. Go figure.


My curiosity turned into interest, which turned into research, experimentation, practice, refinement, and eventually an appreciation and passion for feeling better. So, although I consider myself a lifelong athlete, I got into fitness through a simple question that sent me down the path of maximizing my energy and potential through fitness.

what's your Source of inspiration

A large source of my inspiration comes from Jesus Christ, because he has taught me to not waste my talents & to uplift others with the gifts that I have been given. A big source of my inspiration is, therefore, intrinsic because I believe it is my duty to maximize my potential to help others do the same.

what's your go-to cheat meal

My favorite cheat meal is special sushi rolls, because the flavors, textures and freshness are soooooo satisfyingly delicious to me.. Plus, I really want to visit Japan and it brings me closer, in spirit. 😂

what's your favorite tv show

New Girl - the character dynamics are absolutely on point and if I need a good laugh I can always count on that cast to provide!

what does 'never settle' mean to you

What NEVER SETTLE means to me is being extremely intentional and relentless in the clarity and pursuit of your goals. NEVER SETTLE means reaching for new levels of personal development, achievement, and service to others when other people may think you have already done enough. It means believing in yourself, your vision, and going after it persistently.

what's your biggest achievement

Achievements that I am most proud of include:
• Becoming a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete *of course*
• Winning Back-to-Back NCAA & B1G Championships with the University of Michigan Men's Gymnastics Team
• Becoming a US Senior National Team Member
• Performing as a Professional Wrestler in WWE/NXT
• Winning the School-Wide Spelling Bee in 6th Grade
• Founding my own fitness coaching business, Wave Fitness
• Graduating from the University of Michigan

what keeps you going

What keeps me going is this intrinsic need to actualize my potential. There is always more to learn, new ways to grow, more ways to be of service to other people, and to manifest the vision that I have for my future. I'm driven by competition and creation with self.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

Becoming a part of 1st Phorm has changed my life in so many different ways. Not only have I found a tribe of people who "get it" and are supportive of other Phamily members, but also extremely driven within their own pursuits. Becoming a part of 1st Phorm has been instrumental in uncovering my blindspots and my strengths so I can use that information to become the best version of myself.


1st Phorm has reinforced in me the value of persistence. To NEVER SETTLE, to keep going, to do the work, and above all... to believe. Becoming a part of 1st Phorm has helped me develop beyond what I previously thought I was capable of, and has truly allowed me to shed self-limiting beliefs so I may pursue my next level, uninhibited.



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