Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist | Winfield, WV


I’m a nutritionist, personal trainer, and coach that started in the early 2000’s to help improve the health, fitness, and self esteem of as many people as I could. As someone who has struggled with mental health, I’ve made it a goal to help not only achieve physique goals for clients, but to improve their self esteem as well... especially after being picked on for being so small in high school.


I specialize in helping men and women lose weight (I specialize in those needing to lose 60+ pounds), improve health, gain muscle, tone, or other health and fitness goals. I live in West Virginia with my wife Christina, son Aiden, and 2 dogs.




what got you into fitness

After being picked on in school for being the smallest, my dad taught me how to lift weights and stand up to bullies. Then, I had friends who struggled with their weight that needed help, so I took it upon myself to learn health and fitness.

what's your Source of inspiration

My dad is the hardest worker I know and taught me my work ethic and values.

what's your go-to cheat meal

NY style pizza. Those foldable slices get me!

what's your favorite tv show

Breaking bad is just an amazing story with science!

what does 'never settle' mean to you

Strive to be the best YOU that you can be. Don’t ever question your work ethic at the end of the day. If you could have done better, why didn’t you?

what's your biggest achievement

Becoming a 1st Phorm Elite Trainer in front of my peers and those I respect in the industry meant the most to me. Getting my master’s degree is a close second.

what keeps you going

I want to be the best weight loss and fitness coach in the world. I want this so badly because I want the opportunity to leave this world helping as many as I possibly can.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

I became a legionnaire in 2014. This gave me the opportunity to turn the hobby/passion of coaching into a career. It also allowed me to expand my business and have 6 of the best coaches to work with me so we can change as many lives as possible.



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