1st Phorm Elite Trainer Laurin Conlin


IFBB Bikini Pro | Tampa, FL


I'm an Elite Trainer, educator, and owner of Team LoCoFit. I have my Masters in Exercise Science and I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. My day to day work involves coaching clients, mentoring my coaches, educating others and presenting across the country.




what got you into fitness

Growing up I had an eating disorder and used exercise as a compulsive outlet. Once I realized I actually liked running, I joined the track team. From there, I found lifting and was instantly drawn to that. In 2011, I did my first bodybuilding competition. For many years after that I actively competed and still love training now. Recently I've found jiu jitsu and have loved having a new physical outlet ... with a totally different kind of training.

what's your Source of inspiration

I want to change the way people look at dieting and educate them in the process. There's enough quick fixes and fad diets; my goal and my company's goal is to change their life, forever.

what's your go-to cheat meal

A good red blend, pretzel bread, big ass filet mignon, crispy brussel sprouts, sweet potato fries and a chocolate chip cookie-ice cream skillet.

what's your favorite tv show

Big Mouth. If you've seen it, you'll know why.

what does 'never settle' mean to you

"Nothing worth having comes easy" might be a cliche, but it's true. Having a 'Never Settle' attitude, to me, means just that: Doing the hard things over and over and over again until you've reached whatever goals you've set for yourself ... and not settling until you get there.

what's your biggest achievement

Finishing my Masters and completing my research project was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done ... and the relationships I built out of that program still hold strong today. That lab now exclusively focuses on physique enhancement research and it's incredible to see how far the program has come. Now, it's being able to mentor my coaches for Team LoCoFit, and being able to influence more people around the world with our education and experiences. It's hard to put into words how much that means to me.

what keeps you going

Knowing that there's always more work to be done and that I've barely scratched the surface keeps me going.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

1st Phorm has completely changed what I thought it meant to truly impact people. Most people might just think 1st Phorm is just a supplement company, but they are far more than that. They are company built upon solid core values and they drive to be the best. They have the best leaders, they create the best workers, they manufacture the best products, they deliver the best education, and most importantly ... they are the best at helping people. Seeing how such a large business can help people on that deep of a level has made me dig deep and change how I can help people and ultimately, be a better leader within this community.



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