1st Phorm Elite Trainer Stephanie Lawler


Certified Personal Trainer | Atlanta, GA


The woman I am today isn't who I have always been. Ten years ago, I was battling depression and anxiety so serious that I almost ended my life. The pressure of my youngest daughter's cerebral palsy diagnosis, thousands of dollars of medical bills, an unfulfilling career, and financial ruin led to unhealthy habits and failing relationships.


I understood that I couldn't give up. For years, I worked on rebuilding myself piece by piece. I quit the pills and the drinking, the poor food choices, and the negative lifestyle habits. Night after night, I pushed myself to my physical limits in the gym. I was looking for physical strength, but what I didn't realize was that I was also building mental and emotional strength. My life didn't get easier, I got stronger.
I entered the 1st Phorm Athlete Search in 2015, and for the first time in my adult life, I felt as if I fit in. I found myself among others; so different than myself but bonded by common core values and a desire to be a better version of ourselves. I didn't win that search, but I was asked to be a Legionnaire, and it was the best decision I made both personally and professionally.
For the next few years in this position, I took advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow within this industry, and won a Brand Ambassador spot. Five years ago, I took a huge leap and left teaching to start my own company and brand, Warrior Fitness.

I continued to pour my heart into 1st Phorm and my brand by serving others through education first. In 2017, I was awarded an Elite Trainer position and was named Legionnaire of the Year. I've been blessed to continue to help thousands of clients through the Transphormation Challenge and other Legionnaires as they begin their journey with 1st Phorm. Through my own brand, I have established an amazing community of over a thousand Warriors!




what got you into fitness

I got into fitness in high school as a cheerleader and swimmer. In both sports, the stronger you were, the better athlete you were. The strength of the human body for performance has always fascinated me.

what's your Source of inspiration

My inspiration comes from my girls, Hannah and Neely. They are at the root of everything I do. Through my example, I want them to understand how to pursue their passions, be a good human, and work hard for what you want.

what's your go-to cheat meal

My favorite cheat meal is a good hamburger and fries. That's just a meal I never get sick of.

what's your favorite tv show

My favorite TV show is The Office, because that dry sense of humor is what I love.

what does 'never settle' mean to you

To me, 'Never Settle' means that even though you may appreciate where you are today and the accomplishments of the past, your only easy day was yesterday. You have to continue to push your physical and mental limits every single day, because there is always more to give. Your journey is never finished. Complacency and stagnancy are death.

what's your biggest achievement

I am most proud of being a mom. This is not only the hardest role I have ever been blessed with, but the most rewarding too. Watching both my girls grow into who they were intended to be is and will always be my greatest achievement. I am also proud of being named US Professor of the Year Finalist in 2014 and 2015 and Legionnaire of the Year for 2017. Being named Elite Trainer in 2017 was also a huge accomplishment for me.

what keeps you going

What keeps me going is a desire to never go back to who I used to be. Hitting rock bottom in every way is what pushes me through every struggle now. Those hard times were my greatest teachers and my biggest blessing.

how has 1st Phorm changed your life

Becoming a part of 1st Phorm has changed my life because it gave me hope in a time that felt hopeless. It gave me a community in a time when I was alone. It gave me a place to align myself with others who want more from life. It surrounded me with people who are better, stronger, and faster than I am, and in doing so, has pushed me to work harder than I would have alone. 1st Phorm gave me the opportunity to figure out where life was calling me and the courage to take the leap to pursue that path. It has brought the most amazing people into my life, and for that and the chance to help others every single day, is something I will be forever grateful for.



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