Healthy AF Stack for Men

Andy Frisella's Supplement Stack for Men

The Healthy AF Stack is what 1st Phorm CEO, Andy Frisella utilizes on a daily basis to give his body what it needs to meet the rigorous demands he places on it daily. This stack delivers a full spectrum of micronutrients, omega-3s, superfoods, antioxidants, all-day energy, the best post workout recovery on the planet, and tools to help you burn fat and build muscle so you're making strides towards your goals on a daily basis.

  • Nutrients for Overall Health
  • World's Best Post Workout Recovery
  • Fat Loss Support
  • All Day Energy

This product contains:

  • Phormula-1
  • Ignition
  • Opti-Greens 50
  • Opti-Reds 50
  • Micro-Factor
  • Full-Mega
  • GDA
  • Megawatt
  • 1-Db Overdrive
  • Thyro-Drive