Ryan Hansen
Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach | Saint Louis, MO
As a trainer and coach I began to realize the deep impact I was having in my clients’ lives. My life flipped and became less about “Ryan” and more about other people. I make a difference now and my fulfillment comes from sharing my passion for health with anybody I talk too. I am completely dedicated to not only my own goals but my clients’ goals as well. I live and breathe this 24/7.
My mom inspires me. She raised me as a single parent in Brooklyn, NY selling life insurance door to door. I remember I was always the last kid picked up at school because she was running late from her appointments. At the time it bothered me but now I look back and realize it taught me valuable lessons about hard work. Her ambition and drive became ingrained in me and it wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that I was able to harness it. She inspires me every day, and is my #1 supporter and role model. She has a never settle attitude that she passed on to me.
I embody this attitude. I am constantly trying to better myself every single day. Whether it’s by reading and educating myself or taking on more clients, it’s never enough. To most people, I’m a little crazy. I can’t turn “it” off. I want to be the best at what I do because otherwise, what’s the point?
Becoming a 1st Phorm athlete. I tried for years to get noticed by this company. When I actually got picked I was in shock. The feedback I got from my family, friends, clients, and coworkers was incredible. My social media exploded and I instantly became someone that motivated and inspired people I may never meet. People began to look to me as a role model and leader. The bar is raised and now I have to top this!
My clients and the people I help keep me going. It’s an amazing feel when I have my family, friends, coworkers, clients, and even complete strangers tell me I inspire or motivate them in some way. I am making difference and want to help everybody.
I want to change people’s perspective on health and fitness. This industry can be superficial, fake, and selfish. I wish people could look past big muscles and pretty faces. I want to be a leader of change and provide a substance and realness to what I do. I want to show people there is so much more than just the physical. I want people to understand how much of a different life they could live if they took their health as a priority.
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