The Best Time to Take a Greens Powder

The Best Time to Take a Greens Powder

In the past few years, greens powders have been getting more and more popular. There's a good reason for this too!

If you haven't heard, greens powders can help with several aspects of overall health. In addition to that, they can also be helpful for reaching your fitness goals.

With the busy lives many people have today, they can also be super convenient. Greens powders are really just a quick way to get more of the nutrients our bodies crave.

If you're new to greens powders, don't sweat it. However, there is a lot you should know about them. That's okay ... I'm here to teach you everything you need to know. That includes what time of the day would be best for you to take a greens powder.

I would argue that when you take them is completely up to you. But, there are factors that play into when may be best for you to take them as well. We'll get to that!

First, I'm sure you may be wondering what exactly greens powders are. You may also be wondering what they can do for you. I won't keep you waiting!

What Are Greens Powders?

Greens powders are a type of supplement that typically contain a blend of fruits, vegetables, grasses, and more. Most of what you'll find are superfood green vegetables, grasses, and herbs which is what gives it the name "greens powder". This is also why most of them are literally a green colored powder!

They are designed to give your body the nutrients and phytonutrients that these various superfoods contain. If you were to go to the grocery store, grab every vegetable, and juice them all together ... You'd have a concoction similar to what you get with a greens powder.

The difference? Well, many greens powders have a lot more in them than what you can get from the grocery store. On top of that, they are normally a lot more cost effective, convenient, and tasty. I don't think I could stomach all those different vegetables in one juice! However, a lot of greens powders are flavored so they don't taste all that bad.

What Are The Benefits of A Greens Powder?

So, how can a greens powder help you? That depends. Now, for the most part, the benefits can seem endless. A lot of people believe they help with natural energy, gut health, and immune function the most.

In terms of natural energy, a quality greens powder could improve the way that you digest and use the food you eat. Every food you eat is broken down and utilized for different things in your body, one of those being energy (1). Assuming a greens powder can help better partition these nutrients, one benefit could be better energy.

In terms of improving gut health, this can depend on the greens powder. If the greens powder comes sourced with prebiotic-rich foods, this could be the case. In addition to that, some greens powders will even have probiotics to support a healthy gut. In this case, a greens powder certainly could be beneficial for overall gut health.

In terms of improving your immune system, the gut can play a massive role. Research shows that 70-80% of immune cells can be found in the gut (3). This could explain how good greens powders can be helpful in this area. Assuming it contains the nutrients to support gut health, a stronger immune system could be a byproduct.

However, none of these benefits are 100% set in stone. With how new greens powders are, there is no definitive science which says they do this or that. What we do know is that most people report feeling better and more energized.

A lot of people also report having alleviated GI issues such as bloating and gas. Last but not least, some people swear that greens powders help keep them healthier year round. For these reasons and more, a high-quality greens powder can certainly be worth it.

I know greens powders have been a huge game-changer for me! I've noticed a lot of these benefits from my own personal experience. However, I've noticed the quality of the greens powder plays a big role in its potential benefits too.

But above all else, greens powders can be a great way to get more superfoods and nutrients in your diet.

When Is The Best Time To Take A Greens Powder?

Many people will tell you that you have to take certain products at certain times. For some products, that would make sense! I don't think anybody is going to take a pre-workout after their workout! However, that is not always the case with greens powders.

If you're anything like me, it's all about taking it when you can remember! So, truthfully, the time of the day you take your greens powder doesn't matter.

There is no "best time to take a greens powder". However, a lot of people do like taking it after their biggest meal of the day. Part of this could be to help with digestion, assuming they pick a greens that can help in this way.

For me, I can relate to this. I will often take my greens powder when I feel bloated or distended from a big meal. I believe that mine really helps!

Whenever you do choose to take a greens powder, I would say consistency is the key. For that reason, taking your greens powder when it's most convenient for you may make the most sense.

How Often Should You Take A Greens Powder?

For most greens powders that I've seen, it's recommended to take at least one serving every day.

This is not to say that you can't or shouldn't take two servings per day if you feel better doing that. In fact, there are quite a few days where I have two servings myself.

Really, that is ultimately up to you. I've seen people take two servings a day, and I've seen people take one serving a day. So once again, how often you take a greens powder is your decision to make.

What To Look For In A Good Greens Powder

When it comes to picking a greens powder, what should you look for? Personally, I'm a big believer in giving my body the best foods and products possible. I've always seen good results with that policy, so it's something I choose to stick to.

When it comes to greens, there are several things that can separate them in terms of quality. If you're investing in something to help you feel better and improve your health ... Here's what I recommend.

For one, finding a greens powder with Non-GMO ingredients can be a great start. This could be part of what plays into a better product and an overall better experience.

Something else I like to pay attention to is how the product is processed. For the same reason I don't like overcooking my vegetables, I don't like greens powders that come processed at high temperatures. That's why I prefer greens powders that are processed at lower temperatures. This could help preserve more of the nutrients in the processing for a better product.

Other than that, I also like to take a peek at the different blends and ingredients in my greens powder. Does it have organic grasses? Does it have a wide variety of superfood fruits and vegetables? Does it have a probiotic to support a healthy gut? Does it have digestive enzymes to encourage better digestion?

If the greens powder checks these boxes, I'm sure you'd be getting a far better product than one that doesn't.

How Do You Mix A Greens Powder & What Can You Mix It With?

A lot of people often wonder, how do you mix up greens powders? Do you just throw it in water and stir it with a fork? Can you mix it with anything other than water?

Well, almost all greens powders are designed to mix with water. You can throw it in a blender bottle or water bottle and shake it up for 10 seconds to get a good consistency. This will also depend on the greens powder though. Some of them will just be chunky, gritty, and gross no matter what you do.

For the most part though, you can mix your greens powder with close to anything. I'd encourage a cold liquid, as I've found that to be what most people like it with. Orange juice, apple juice, cold water, or with 0 calorie sweetener tend to be the most popular things to mix it with.

These types of flavors, and even other supplements, can help mask the "greens" taste. That's if you don't like the taste of greens powder with water alone!

What Is A Good Greens Powder to Try?

Obviously, we covered quite a bit today. Greens powders can be overwhelming. However, the same goes for supplements in general. It's hard to know what's worth it, what's not, and what's going to be best for your goals.

At 1st Phorm, we are dedicated to making the best supplements possible. We were founded on quality, and measured on the results our products offer. That's why we didn't take any shortcut with our greens powder: Opti-Greens 50.

Opti-Greens 50 checks all the boxes: Non-GMO ingredients, low-temperature processed ingredients, and 50 diverse ingredients. The blend contains all organic grasses, herbs, superfood fruits and vegetables, and more. On top of that, Opti-Greens 50 has a digestive enzyme blend and probiotic to support overall gut health!

Opti-Greens 50 also comes available in a natural berry and chocolate flavor. Both of which are amazing! I've tried quite a few greens powders, and nothing else comes close in my opinion. It has a smooth texture, no chalk or grit, and helps me feel great every day!

Don't take my word for it though ... there are over 15,000 5-Star reviews about how great Opti-Greens 50 is from people like you and me.

If you have any questions, just know we're here to help as well! That's whether your questions are about greens powders or your health and fitness goals. We have a full team of NASM Certified Personal Trainers and NASM Certified Nutrition Coaches right here in St. Louis, Missouri. Give us a call at 1-800-409-9732 or send us an email at any day from 6 AM to 10 PM Central.

You can also learn more about and get Opti-Greens 50 here. I can almost guarantee you'll taste, feel, and experience the difference after your first drink!

Opti-Greens 50 Superfood Greens Powder


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