Are you drinking enough water?

You are not reaching your potential if you are not drinking enough water. It is interesting that when people hear they need to drink more water they respond with “Yea yea, I know I need to drink more water.” Then change nothing. Whether it is due to the increase in water flavorings, increased tea and coffee consumption, or bad habits getting worse, most people do not drink enough water in a day. Now, to fully understand what I am talking about, let me define enough. 100 oz of plain, nothing added to it, water is my bench mark for “enough.” It does not matter what your goals are, your body type, your workouts, or any other variable … water is essential to life, and essential to helping you reach your goals.

Not only does water make up 70% of the human body, but it is considered the second most critical factor in sustaining life. Oxygen is first and we all make sure to get plenty of that a day! Water is involved in thousands of processes everyday. For example, your body relies on water to help with:

  • Brain Function
  • Metabolizing Fat
  • Regulating Body Temperature
  • Digestion
  • Proper Joint Function
  • Nutrient Delivery and the list goes on …

Another point worth making is the fact that if you are not properly hydrated, you are not only missing out on the benefits but you will be living with the negative side effects of dehydration. When you are dehydrated your performance suffers. You will get fatigued more quickly and feel weaker than you should. Plus, you will not be as mentally sharp. What is sad is that many people have been living dehydrated for so long that they don’t know they are experiencing negative side effects. Instead they think this weakened state is “normal.”

I realize that increasing your water intake, may make for a lifestyle change … but water intake will be a very important part of your success and health. I promise! I know 100 oz sounds like a lot of water to drink, but keep in mind we’ll be spacing that out over the course of the day. To make it easy on myself, I just keep a water bottle with me throughout the day and fill it up as needed. Feel free to find an easy system that works for you. Whether it is carrying a big jug or small little cups, I don’t care. We just need to drink the water. Drinking just 4 bottles of the one that I use during  the day gets me to my water goal. If you’d like help with the best way to work water into your daily routine … or have any other questions about the best way to get the results you are after, please feel free to contact us. You can call in to 800-409-9732 between 9-5 CST, Monday thru Friday and talk with us! Or simply email us at [email protected]. We are always here for you!

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