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5 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

If you’re not paying attention to your micronutrient levels, it would probably be a good idea for you to do so.

Your body needs these micronutrients to keep your body healthy and strong.

An extremely simple and convenient way to get these vitamins and minerals in each and every day is a healthy smoothie!

Don't know where to start? Check out the 5 absolutely delicious fruit smoothie recipes below!

5 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit and veggie smoothies are a great way to get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants every day.

Here are some of our favorite healthy fruit smoothie recipes. You'll even be able to add some protein to a few of them, if you'd like.

1. Purple Monstrosity Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie is basically a double shot of vitamins and other minerals, especially if you add in Opti-Reds 50.

What are red superfoods?

Opti-Reds 50 is made of a high-quality blend of red superfoods that really pack the nutritional punch your body needs to get through the day.

If you’re looking to get a massive boost in antioxidants, this could be a great fruit smoothie recipe for you!

All you have to do is place the ingredients into a blender and blend until your desired consistency. It’s really that easy.


• 2 frozen banana
• ½ cup frozen blueberries
• 1 cup of orange juice
• 1 tbsp honey
• 1 tsp vanilla
• 2 scoops of 1st Phorm Opti-Reds 50

Macros (Per Serving):

Calories: 498

Protein: 6g

Carbs: 114g

Fats: 2g

Get the recipe here.

2. Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie

The blueberries and pomegranate juice in this fruit smoothie recipe are great sources of antioxidants and vitamins. They also taste great!

How do you make this fruit smoothie?

Just add the first four ingredients into a blender and blend them to your liking. Then, add in the Opti-Reds 50 and Level-1 Protein Powder and blend until smooth.

The optional vanilla protein powder is a great way to get some extra protein in the morning and will make the shake smooth and creamy.


• 1 cup frozen blueberries
• 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice
• 3 oz vanilla fat-free yogurt
• 2 scoops of 1st Phorm Opti-Reds 50
• 1 scoop 1st Phorm Level-1, Vanilla Ice Cream

Macros (Per Serving):

Calories: 367

Protein: 33g

Carbs: 52g

Fats: 4g

Get the recipe here.

Opti-Reds 50

3. 7-ingredient Detox Smoothie

This detox smoothie is meant to help your body clean itself and improve overall health, while being absolutely delicious.

The berries, greens, and Opti-Reds 50 are all full of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and strong all year long!

The tofu surprises a lot of people, but actually, tofu can be a great way to make a fruit smoothie a little creamy, without adding a lot of extra calories to your diet.


• 1 cup mixed frozen berries
• 1 cup spinach or kale
• ½ cup of banana
• 1 tsp flaxseed meal
• 1 cup of fruit juice
• 2 tbsp silken tofu (optional)
• 2 scoops of 1st Phorm Opti-Reds 50

Macros (Per Serving): silken tofu not included

Calories: 340

Protein: 9g

Carbs: 78g

Fats: 2g

Get the recipe here.

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4. Sneaky Green Smoothie Recipe

Everybody needs at least one good green smoothie recipe, right?

Green smoothies can be a great option to satisfy your body's nutritional needs.

Unfortunately, green smoothies have a reputation for not tasting very great...

That's not the case with this recipe though!

Be sure to whip up this Sneaky Green Smoothie Recipe and let the delicious flavors surprise you!


• 1/2 cup of orange juice
• 2 handfuls of baby spinach
• 1 cup Vanilla Greek yogurt
• 1 cup of frozen blueberries
• 1/2 of a frozen banana
• 1/4 cup of cranberry juice
• 2 scoops of 1st Phorm Opti-Reds 50

Macros (Per Serving):

Calories: 433

Protein: 25g

Carbs: 84g

Fats: 2g

Get the recipe here.

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5. Kale And Banana Smoothie

This green smoothie is a bit more traditional.

While the Opti-Greens 50 is optional, it adds a tremendous amount of nutrients, while blending perfectly with the other ingredients.

Enjoy this simple green smoothie today ... it's delicious!


• 1 banana
• 2 cups of kale
• 1/2 cup of soy milk
• 1 tbsp flax seed
• 1 tsp of maple syrup
• 2 scoops of 1st Phorm Opti-Greens 50

Macros (Per Serving):

Calories: 328

Protein: 14g

Carbs: 58g

Fats: 8g

Get the recipe here.

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1st Phorm Supplements Can Help You Get The Nutrition You Need

Whether you play sports, lift weights, or just care about your overall health, you need to get the proper nutrition to fuel your body and keep it operating efficiently, including vitamins and minerals.

Most of the time, people remember to watch their calories and increase their protein intake, but they tend to forget that they still need all of those micronutrients.

A smoothie first thing in the morning is the perfect way to fill that gap in your nutrition plan.

These fruit smoothie recipes only take a few minutes to make, and if you add a superfood supplement like Opti-Reds 50 or Opti-Greens 50 to them, it really shows how to make a fruit smoothie pack a heavy nutritional punch.

Jump start your mornings with a delicious, nutrient-packed, and easy-to-make smoothie!

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