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5 Tips For Eating Healthy While Traveling

When you think about eating while traveling, especially this time of year, there is a good chance you feel anxious … worried … confused … and maybe even a little defeated due to the fear of “ruining your diet.”

Well, I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news … but it’s the truth, you’re not alone.

Most people have experienced anxiety and stress when figuring out how to stick to their nutrition plan while traveling.

But don’t worry, just like in your normal life, you are in control of what you put into your body, so the fact you are traveling does not mean you are automatically going to eat like crap.

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That only happens if you are unprepared, uneducated on good options, or choose to do so.

My goal with this blog is to give you five tips to help you overcome the first two reasons.

The 5 Best Tips To Eat Healthy While Traveling:

1. Set Yourself Up For Success

What I mean by this is you need to make sure you are stopping at places with good food options.

If you just stop at random hole-in-the-wall gas stations/convenience stores, there's a good chance they won’t have the quality options you're looking for.

Try to find healthier restaurants, stores, or even grocery stores to pop into for a quick bite or snack refill.

When it comes to going out to eat once at your destination, you can look at the menu ahead of time to get an idea of what you are going to order, and then plan accordingly! That brings me to tip #2.

2. Stick To Your Schedule

A place where many people go wrong is that they don’t stick to a plan they are used to, and therefore their hunger cues can be thrown off.

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If you're someone who normally eats smaller meals during the day, do your best to maintain that.

You are less likely to feel hungry, sluggish or hangry ... ultimately adding to the enjoyment of the trip for you (and those around you).

Plus, this makes it easier to stick to your normal portions and not overeat when you get to where you are headed.

I think we’ve all experienced what happens when we come home after a long day and we haven’t eaten much … our eyes get bigger than our stomach and we eat everything in sight. This leads to overeating.

3. Focus on Protein

Eating adequate amounts of protein is something many people struggle with on a normal day ... and traveling can make it even more challenging! 

But while it can be more challenging to find good, complete protein sources while traveling ... planning ahead can make all the difference!


You can find carbs and fats almost anywhere, but high-quality protein is a bit more difficult to track down while traveling … or at least, cost-effective high-quality protein.

Have you seen the price of beef jerky these days?!

That’s why one of my traveling staples is taking a few scoops of Level-1 with me (or the whole container if I will be gone for a while) and Level-1 Bars

Both are quick and easy ways to get protein in, and since they are lower in calories, can be paired with an apple, almonds, or another snack!

4. Snack Attack

Really, I just wanted to write out Snack Attack, haha ... but seriously, making sure to plan ahead and have healthy snacks with you will help make it easier to make healthy choices.

You might be thinking, “duh.” BUT, I think this point compliments the one above because protein-based snacks are hard to come by unless you prepare ahead of time.

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5. Drink More Water

I get it … you are traveling and don’t want to stop every 22 minutes to use the restroom (nobody wants to be that person haha).

I will say this though ... when you're dehydrated, your hunger and cravings will go up.

So by staying moderately hydrated, you are helping to eliminate cravings which can make it easier to stick to the plan.

Plus, you will avoid being as fatigued from travel while also maintaining higher energy levels when you reach your destination.

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Those five tips have helped me get through trips all over the USA and Europe and still eat healthily.

Remember, you are in control of what you put in your body ... and with a little planning and the five tips above, you can easily travel and not “ruin your diet.”

So plan ahead and enjoy your trip!

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