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6 Steps to Creating Your Successful Fitness Brand


If you’re overwhelmed by what you think you need to do ... and what you need to know before building your fitness brand ... relax.

If you feel confused about where to start on building your fitness brand ... don't sweat it.

If you're unsure on what exactly you’re suppose to do to achieve massive success and building the fitness brand you've always dreamed of ... you're not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of people ... gyms ... teams ... and companies are struggling with the same internal dilemmas and debates as you ... we were one of them. Which means we've lived it, we get it, and you're in the right spot.

It took years of mistakes and failing, then retrying for us to figure it out, but we have perfected the system ... and through our program in the last several years, we have helped thousands of people develop and build successful fitness brands.

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In this article, we boil everything down to the nuts & bolts & give you a simplified list of 6 steps to creating your successful fitness brand. Because the truth of the matter is ... the world is changing.

The rules for building a fitness brand of significance are changing.

The game is different now.

It's so different in fact, that much of what used to work isn't going to work anymore. So if you don't adjust, or if you try to build your brand on what you think works now ... you'll soon be irrelevant and fail.

In this new era, if you want to build a focused & engaged fitness brand, leverage your platform for your business, for helping people, for creating a real income, and leaving an undeniably huge positive impact ... then you better take to heart what's in this blog & put it into practice.

If you take seriously what we tell you & put it into practice, you’ll create the influential and significant fitness brand you dream of!

So, let's get started.

First and foremost, you have to...

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This point has been stated 50 million different ways. From "start with your why" ... "know your why" ... and "Why you're going to love this article" ... oh wait, that was from my project notebook when creating this haha.

But seriously, however you want to phrase it, you have to understand ... you have to define ... you have to really know WHY you want to build a fitness brand. 

We get you want to help people ... so do hundreds of thousands of other people.

And if that's all you got (a want/desire to help) ... YOU'LL FAIL.

You'll end up irrelevant in a saturated market and soon be forgotten (that is if you even get some traction in the first place).

Now, you might be thinking ... "I thought you said don't sweat it! I'm definitely sweating now!" ... well, slap on some more deodorant and calm down because while this seems intimidating, it's not! It's actually the best part of building a fitness brand!

That's because it will help you find the perfect combination of your passion and your mission!

Having a clear mission, a clear why, is extremely important when establishing your fitness brand, because it impacts everything you do.

Check that, it SHOULD be the reason behind everything you do and a determinate of the actions you take!

So take some time, really think about it, and when you figure out WHY you want to grow your fitness brand...

It's time for step two.



Simply put, you can't just be a fitness brand. That's boring.

There are hundreds of thousands of fitness brands. So wanting to just be about fitness and helping people is no longer effective (remember the world is changing) ... you HAVE to narrow your focus. The narrowed focus is your niche. Essentially, WHO do you want to help.

Consider all the different potential clients out there. You might be tempted to try and reach all of them, but that will kill your brand before it even begins. That's why we don't let people in our program move on until they have figured this out.

Your fitness brand can't be an IDEAL match for everyone. Period.

Ask yourself, how would you design content for your brand to attract and help an 18 year old athlete ... a 32 year old mother of 3 ... or a 60 year old veteran who wants to maintain his healthy and ass kicking lifestyle...?

You can't. But what you can do is figure out your niche, go all in on building your fitness brand around that sub group of people, and in turn your content will be so good ... you will have such an impact ... that your brand name spreads to other people through positive word of mouth.

And THEN, you have an opportunity to help more people, and people outside your niche. BUT ... it starts with a well defined niche, and doing everything you can to help them!

So what’s your niche?

What type of person is your ideal client?

Who are you trying to attract?

... Having trouble?

Want a secret for determining your niche?

... ask yourself, what are the struggles YOU’VE overcome or want to overcome?

That's a great place to start for a few reasons. You'll relate to the people going through those same situations, and living that lifestyle most ... and it'll naturally lead you right into step 3 of building a successful fitness brand!

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Invest in yourself. The more you know, the more you can help.

Put another way ... Learn, learn, learn.

When it comes to your fitness brand, you can't settle for mastering specific knowledge. Yes, you need to have a deep understanding of the information your niche needs ... but to truly be successful you have to broaden your approach to include a comprehensive knowledge of fitness.

Your specific knowledge might make them want to reach out, work with you, or resonate with your fitness brand ... but your knowledge of the whole industry or field, and ability to help people will be what separates you from the million other fitness brands.

And do you want another secret ... one on how to build yourself as the expert, the authority, and a trusted go-to person?

Give away truthful and VALUABLE information that will actually help people... for FREE!!!

Yes, for free. If you want to know more about why it works, or better yet, more secrets on how to make these steps work the best for your specific fitness brand ... click here to sign up and see if you can join the team! A huge part of what we do is coach people just like you on these steps (plus more) of building the successful fitness brand you want.

Now, telling people what to do isn't enough ... because remember, there are a billion fitness brands out there ... so why would people listen to you?

Great question, and the answer is exactly what step number 4 covers.

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Tell your story but in a way that relates to others.

People care about THEIR problems, and they are looking for people that can understand them and help them solve those problems. People like and associate with people who are like them. People trust people who they can relate to.

But you can't just tell your story once ... your future clients, followers, and friends interact with hundreds of brands every day. They won't remember you or your story if you only share it once, or once in a while.

Therefore, a key to successfully building your fitness brand is sharing your story and sharing it often!

Just make sure to avoid the downfall of many of your peers by oversharing!

Which I guess could be step 4.5 ... a little bonus for ya! Because what we mean by oversharing is sharing on too many platforms, or through too many avenues to effectively manage any/all of them. It’s important to start with one format in the beginning of your fitness brand, so that you don’t get overwhelmed or struggle to produce high-quality content regularly.

IG as a whole, reels, and live videos are particularly popular in the fitness space at the moment…

But if those aren't your jam, no worries. Start with the format that you feel most comfortable with and go from there. We help people build their fitness brand in a wide range of ways and can help you with your specific fitness brand as well.

Just remember, when you focus on doing one thing well in an area you enjoy, your content will naturally be better, more genuine, and consistent!

Which consequently sets you up for the most important step in building your fitness brand... 



You have to go first. You have to lead by example.

You have to show yourself doing the work ... no different than what your clients and followers will have to do.

Show the struggle and how you can overcome it.

Show what you did to get out of a funk, or how you motivated yourself through the week, or how you overcame something difficult.

But don't be doom and gloom. Also show where you succeed, your lifestyle, and share positive lessons!

Let people IN to see the real YOU and they will not only follow you and support your fitness brand, but they will buy what you suggest.

Authenticity is essential for the long-term success of your fitness brand.

People are drawn to what's real.

And if you struggle with how to be authentic ... how to create your voice ... how to show case your personality and build connection for your fitness brand ... no worries, we can teach you that as well (we have daily coaching calls with our team members everyday on this)!

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Now, there is one step left ... and while it might seem overly simple, it's the one 99.9% people fail at ...

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Yep, it's that simple.

Not complicated, but also in a world of distractions ... shorter attention spans ... and the desire for quick feedback and results ... it's not easy to build your brand around this crucial element.

You could say we saved the best for last, because if you want to build a successful fitness brand people care about ... you have to genuinely care about them.

Because the truth is, no one cares about you, your fitness brand, or what you want ... people are looking for help for themselves first.

Which is great news for you, because we can teach you how to use this to your advantage. While everybody else trying to build their fitness brand is trying to figure out how to do as little as they can and still get what they want...

We can give you proven methods to stay consistent and persistent with the mindset, belief, and actions of focusing on one person at a time to build your fitness brand. ... which is ultimately what will determine if your brand grows into a huge success ... or disheartening disappointment.

Our hope is that you take these 6 steps to building your fitness brand into something you are proud of ...

Into a brand that is influential...

Into a brand that helps others...

Into a brand that is financially successful for you!

Because when you grow your fitness brand the right way ... with good ethics, centered around helping others ... your income will be in direct relationship with your ability to help others, the value you provide, and your impact you have!

Think about that.

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We just gave you the 6 steps to start building the influential fitness brand you want ... building the income you desire ... in an industry you're passionate about ... and having a real impact.

Makes ya pretty excited right?

Pretty motivated, correct?

Now what?

It's time to take action and execute each step properly.

If you want to know you are doing these 6 steps correctly ... click here to apply to work with us and our team. If you're accepted, we will help you earn the recognition and success your brand deserves.

You will have access to exclusive resources and tools to keep you relevant in the changing and over saturated fitness industry.

As well as a dedicated coach to help you every step of the way in building your fitness brand!

Now it's your turn ... click here to join the team. We'll help you build your own successful fitness brand.


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