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Are You Looking For A Supplement Sponsorship?

Once you start training hard in the gym, you will find yourself looking for supplements to increase your progress. It is every athlete’s fantasy to receive a supplement sponsorship, but the part that most athletes struggle with is how to get a supplement sponsorship

There are supplements for seemingly everything. Some supplements will boost your energy levels, so that you stay pumped throughout your workout routine. Others are designed as a great pre or post-workout option, depending on the situation. In fact, you can find a supplement or two that can help with just about anything. With that being said, imagine getting paid by your favorite supplement company to use their products and represent their brand!

As easy as it may seem, getting a supplement sponsorship can be tough. It is not easy because social media has given almost limitless exposure to everyone in the fitness industry. That means it is very common to find toned bodies and pretty faces while scrolling down your Instagram feed.

However, if you want to obtain a supplement sponsorship opportunity, then we have some tips for you to implement. We have written this article to explain the selection process for a supplement sponsorship. Read ahead to find out more!

How Can You Help The Sponsor?

80% of interviews start with a very simple question, “What can you do for us?". Similarly, when it comes to getting a supplement sponsorship, the company will ask you the same. There is more to it than just having a 6-pack, because anyone who works out can have abs, right?

You have to bring something extraordinary to the table that makes you a good candidate for sponsorship. The supplement company will likely want you to sharpen your abilities, and utilize them to benefit the company as much as possible, if they are going to offer sponsorship.

By expanding your capabilities, we simply mean that the company expects you to not only have loads of fitness knowledge, but also be able to share it to help others and further their brand … as well as your career.

Are you ready to make an impact?

You might have to write content and provide valuable information regarding fitness routines for the supplement company’s website and blogs. Additionally, they may also ask you to hold workshops or seminars to pass on knowledge to other fitness trainers.

These are some skills and capabilities that you should be able to offer the company in return for the sponsorship that they will give you. To be precise, the supplement company wants to build or improve their reputation … and they picked you not only for your name, but also for the work that you do.

Effective Communication Skills

Once you are sponsored, you will have to polish your communication skills. You will have to be approachable and socially active. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be an extrovert, but you have to make sure that you are confident when it comes to interacting with others.

You have to be presentable and be decent in public, so that the supplement company builds a positive relationship with its customers.

Since you are going to be a sponsored athlete, you will have to make public appearances occasionally. For this reason, you have to stay in top physical condition, so that you do not harm the image of the supplement company.

Product Knowledge

If you want a supplement sponsorship, taking more than one product will work in your favor. You will not get a sponsorship if you just post about their pre-workout or protein powder.

It’s a plus if you use their full line of products. This keeps you updated about the brand and shows your passion for working with them. Since you will be using all the products firsthand, you will be able to more effectively share your knowledge and experiences with the customers.

Often times, companies tend to pick an athlete that is not only knowledgeable, but also shows enthusiasm about their products.

But remember, it’s usually the little things that count the most in the eyes of the sponsor. If you do not know the difference between supplements like caffeine and teacrine, then your chances of landing a sponsorship decrease. Therefore, we highly recommend you do your research before applying for a sponsorship.

Do You Compete?

If not, we don’t consider this a deal-breaker because several supplement companies may sponsor people who don’t compete. However, the company will likely prefer that you have a substantial social following in that case.

It might help if you compete in bodybuilding, and tend to be close to contest shape.

Most fitness competitors target the period when they are in peak physical condition, to knock out photoshoots and event attendance.

Keep in mind, that if the company is using a sponsored athlete, they want them to look good year round, so as to build a strong image of their brand. When it comes to magazine advertisements and online ads, brand image plays a significant part in it.

You will need to maintain an exceptional physique, with a low body fat percentage. Having these two things going for you gives you a better chance of landing a supplement sponsorship opportunity. It’s not surprising that companies look for athletes that their customers will follow. Thus, it is essential to have an impressive physique.

Active on Social Media

Social media has taken the game to the next level for every fitness junkee. So, if you want to get a supplement sponsorship, make sure that you’re active on social media. It should be updated with trending fitness topics and challenges on a regular basis.

Having a large follower base can also give you an advantage. This aspect is important because most supplement companies are looking to market their products through their athlete(s) when it comes to an athlete sponsorship. Someone who has a million followers on Instagram typically has a better chance of being sponsored than someone with 10,000 followers, due to the marketing strategy and customer influence, but not always...

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Actually, a crucial part of social media is having high quality engagement with customers and your following. 

We have discussed five things that supplement companies' search for when they are looking for potential athletes. We hope it helps you bring out your A-game and earn yourself a supplement sponsorship!


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