Do Greens Powders Help With Bloating?

Greens for Bloating: Does It Work?

Bloating is a pretty uncomfortable feeling, and I don’t know anyone who likes it. If you're unfamiliar, bloating is a feeling of excess fullness or swelling of your belly. When it happens, it is no fun at all.

You may feel bloated due to a variety of different reasons…

• Indigestion
• Food intolerance
• Constipation
• A menstrual cycle

…or you could feel bloated from overeating.

Pretty much anyone who experiences bloating is looking for a way to reduce it.

That’s one major reason why so many people are looking for a high-quality greens powder. Superfood greens powders can be a pretty good way to get rid of that pesky bloating. That is, if you choose the right one for you. So stick around, because that's exactly what I’m going to dive into today!

Let’s take a look at what greens powders actually are, and how the right ones can help you with bloating.

What Are Greens Powders?

Let’s start at the beginning — what are greens powders?

Greens powders are a nutrient-dense blend of powdered vegetables, fruits, and other superfoods. Many of those superfoods are greens and grasses that we almost never eat too. That is, unless you’re a rabbit who eats shrubs and wild grasses!

Greens powders are a great way to make sure you’re getting all of the greens you need to meet your health and fitness goals.

Of course, greens powders are NOT a substitute for actually eating vegetables. They are more so a way to make sure you’re getting the benefits of eating them. That’s one reason why so many people are starting to invest in high-quality greens powders.

Plus, if you're someone who experiences bloating, the right greens powder can make a huge difference.

Why Should You Use a Greens Powder?

So, we’ve talked about why people generally want to use greens powder, but why should YOU want to?

If addressing the issue of bloating isn’t enough, then ask yourself this question…

Do you eat organic greens, grasses, and plenty of superfoods every day? I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but your body needs its essential nutrients. Not just in order to stay alive, but also for several metabolic processes, producing energy, feeling good, and much more.

Most people today get nowhere near the right amount of nutrients that they need, and they overeat too (1). This is a double-edged sword, and can lead to a less-than-healthy state.

A high-quality superfood greens powder can help give you a lot of the benefits you should be getting from your diet. I’m talking about more than just your typical vitamins and minerals too.

Your gut, for example, needs a wide variety of nutrients to digest your food properly and function optimally. When your gut isn’t doing this well, you may experience bloating.

With the right greens powder, you can address the root cause of bloating to combat it. While there's still more to learn about bloating, studies have revealed some of the main drivers that cause it.

These can include poor diet, incomplete digestion, and too much unhealthy bacteria in the gut (2). I’ll get to this a little later, but the right greens powder can help here!

Greens For Bloating: How Does It Help?

Now we’re back to the original question ... do greens powders help with bloating? If they can, how?

The good news is that greens powders CAN help with bloating depending on the ingredients in it. If you are looking for a greens powder that can help with bloating, keep your eyes open for these two things:

Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes can help your body break down the foods that may be causing your bloating. So essentially, they can take care of 1 of those main 3 causes of bloating.

Probiotics, on the other hand, can also be beneficial for bloating. This is because probiotics can help balance your gut’s microbiome and protect your digestive tract.

Healthy bacteria do not cause bloating. On the other hand, bad bacteria are not something we want in our gut ... and typically, those would be the types that cause bloating. Probiotics can help add to the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut.

By having more of these healthy bacteria, you can also reduce inflammation, which may help reduce bloating as well.

So, if you’re regularly suffering from bloating, a greens powder could potentially help with that. That is, if you get one with a good blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics.

What is The Best Greens For Bloating?

So, what is the best greens powder for bloating? Well, I’m not going to just recommend a few brands. Rather than give you a fish, I prefer to teach you how to fish instead. That way, you don't need help figuring out how to do it later.

I’ll walk you through what to look for when it comes to the best greens powder for bloating. There are a few things actually, so let's get into it...

Look For The Right Ingredients

The key to a great greens powder that can reduce bloating lies in its ingredients. I mean, that’s really true in any case, right? Whether we’re talking about supplements, food, or anything else with ingredients for that matter ... the ingredients matter!

For instance, the probiotics that I talked about earlier should be present. However, not every probiotic will benefit you in the same way or the same amount.

The key isn’t having the most amount of colony-forming units (CFU). The key is in having a wide variety of different strains within the probiotic.

If you find a greens powder with a probiotic, but see it has 2-3 strains in it, I would look elsewhere.

The same thing goes for digestive enzymes. Each individual enzyme helps to break down a certain type of molecule. If your greens powder only has a few digestive enzymes, it will only help you break down a few different foods.

Another great thing to look for in a greens powder is antioxidants.

Some research shows that free radicals can negatively affect the gut microbiome (3). Antioxidants may benefit your gut by neutralizing those free radicals. This can also help lower stress, which can be beneficial for the overall health of your gut.

Obviously, you should look for a wide variety of greens and grasses in your greens powder too. Don’t just stop short at broccoli, and a few other green vegetables.

Organic barley grass, spirulina, wheatgrass, and more are staples in a well-rounded greens powder. Each of these superfoods has a laundry list of benefits for your overall health and well-being.

Keep It Natural

Most health-conscious people want clean ingredients, no added sugars, and no artificial anything. If you are one of these people, I stand with you too. Artificial additives are definitely not what you want in a greens powder.

Plus, those kinds of ingredients definitely won’t help with bloating either. That’s why when you’re looking for the best greens powder, I recommend to make sure it’s as natural as possible.

Other Benefits of Greens Powders

Reducing bloating isn’t the only thing a high-quality superfood greens powder can help with. If that was it, they’d probably be called anti-bloat powders.

You can actually get a whole slew of benefits when you start taking high-quality greens superfood powder consistently. Let’s talk about some of the most noteworthy benefits…

Superfood Greens Powders Can Help With Weight Management

There’s a significant amount of research on how our gut microbiome can affect our weight. Some of that research shows that increasing the diversity of bacterial strains in our gut can help promote weight loss (4).

So, getting your gut microbiome in order is a great way to help with weight management. As I mentioned earlier, probiotics and antioxidants can benefit your gut in that way.

Now, let me clarify something. Taking a greens powder won’t help you lose weight on its own. I promise you have to do more than that!

Remember that greens powders are a SUPPLEMENT, not a REPLACEMENT. They also aren’t magic, and won’t cause weight loss without the other variables you need to lose weight.

A quality greens powder will support your ability to lose weight, but it won't do the work for you. If you don’t eat well or exercise, it's very likely that you will not see the kinds of results you're looking for.

Superfood Greens Powders Can Help Regulate Bowel Movements

We’ve hit on this a little already, but a greens powder is a great way to help regulate your bowel movements in general. They’re not just there to help with bloating.

The probiotics and digestive enzymes found in a high-quality greens powder can help you stay more regular, because they optimize the digestion process.

Keep in mind that helping with problems like constipation can also help alleviate bloating. Since constipation causes more pressure in the gut, it can cause bloating too.

Give your body the right nutrients to break down the foods you eat and get your bowels moving. This alone can help relieve some of that pressure and bloating as well!

Superfood Greens Powders Can Promote Increased Energy

We’re all too familiar with the crash that comes in the late afternoon when you seemingly have no energy left.

You can always reach for another cup of coffee, but that has its drawbacks too. It’s not solving the root issue, but is really a temporary band-aid. On top of that, caffeine can come with an unfortunate crash that’ll make you more tired later on.

A quality greens powder can support your natural energy production with the use of quality nutrients. It won’t give you energy from calories like your meals will, but it can support your body’s ability to make energy from the foods you do eat.

Using Greens For Bloating

Overall, the right greens powder can be a powerful supplement to add to your routine. They’re packed full of nutrients that can help with so many things, and bloating is just one of them.

If you’re ready to start getting rid of the bloat with a greens powder, check out Opti-Greens 50! Opti-Greens 50 is by far the best superfood greens powder on the market and one of the best supplements for bloating.

What makes Opti-Greens 50 the best greens powder is the processing and formula. It has a probiotic with 9 beneficial strains of bacteria. It also contains 17 different digestive enzymes which can help alleviate bloating and digestive distress.

On top of that, Opti-Greens 50 has a powerful blend of 50 ingredients, including all the staples, like spirulina, barley grass, wheatgrass, and more. As if that wasn’t enough, it also contains an antioxidant blend and glycemic balance blend to help optimize your blood sugar and energy levels all day.

Opti-Greens 50 also contains zero artificial ingredients along with being gluten-free and 100% non-GMO.

Don’t just take my word for it … read the 14,000+ 5-star reviews from those who’ve taken it, and see what they have to say.

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