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What Are Diuretics and Should I Use One?

When it comes to supplements, there are a lot of awesome products that can help almost anyone feel and look their best.

Think of protein powders ... Opti-Greens 50 ... and other foundational products that can help support nutrition and overall health. 

On the other side of the coin, there are also supplements that are only intended for specific situations.

And while these more specific products are great for their intended purpose, when you first hear about the benefits, you may wonder if they're right for you.

Well, we're going to dive into one of those very specific-type products today, diuretics. 

Diuretics are a supplement where the benefits are enticing, but it's a supplement that should only be used in certain situations, and the truth is ... the majority of people don't need it and won't ever use one.

When you hear that a product can help you hold less water, it can sound very appealing ... because you might think that would decrease the number on the scale, or that it can help you look leaner ... and I get it, that's where my mind goes too. 

But we have to understand a few things ... 1) They are certainly NOT magic. And 2) We need to know when it's actually a good time to take a diuretic.

Part of that will be understanding how they work...

So, let’s dive into how they work, what they do, and when you could possibly benefit from using one.

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What is a Diuretic?

Now, I want to first differentiate between medications and natural supplements.

There are prescription diuretics that are used to treat various medical conditions. These are not what I will be discussing in this article.

Instead, I will focus on all-natural diuretics that are made from herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Natural diuretic supplements usually contain ingredients such as Vitamin C, Dandelion Root, Cranberry Fruit Juice, Green Tea Extract, and more for helping to decrease water and sodium retention.

A great diuretic will also contain Magnesium and Potassium, because losing too much of these two nutrients with the excess water can lead to muscle cramps, negative effects on the metabolism, and an overall lack of energy.

How Does a Diuretic Work?

Without going down the rabbit hole and throwing a bunch of science at you, I'll give a simple explanation.

A diuretic can help your body remove excess sodium and water from the body, through mostly urine and some sweat.

So, when taking a diuretic, be ready to go to the bathroom more frequently!

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When Should I Use a Diuretic?

Now that we've covered the basics of "what" and "how", let’s talk about "when".

As I mentioned earlier, I know it can be appealing to take something that can help you feel less bloated and drop some quick pounds...

And while yes, at times, that can be a good reason to use a diuretic ... that is also a time when many people misuse them. For one example, vacation.

You are about to go to the beach, or spring break, and you may not look as lean as you want to ... or you know that flying/traveling typically causes you to hold some excess water. So, you think quickly dropping a couple pounds of water is the answer.

Well, let's dive into that a bit with two possible scenarios:

1) You have been crushing it the past few months, sticking to your goals, and you are close to your goal weight/look. Well, if you feel you are holding a little extra water, then a natural diuretic could be a great tool for you to hit that goal look for your trip.

2) You have not been doing your best with your nutrition, workouts, and habits to earn the results you want, and this is a last-ditch effort to “look your best” ... thinking that if you just quickly lost 5 pounds, you will feel more confident on the beach.

Spoiler alert ... scenario 2 is how people misuse diuretics.

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Scenario 1 is where you could consider a diuretic to help lose some unwanted water weight.

However, let's double back to Scenario 2 ... because once again, diuretics are NOT magic pills. No supplements are magic.

And to look and feel the way you want, vacation or not, it really comes down to the need to be consistent with healthy lifestyle habits ahead of time.

That way, you can build the good habits and confidence that will actually help you long-term, by doing the right things each and every day.

Looking for a quick fix at the last second is not the way to go, and is not a proper use of a diuretic.

Another place that diuretics can be considered is after high-sodium meals. Let’s say you go out to eat ... Typically, restaurant foods have higher amounts of sodium.

This sodium can cause us to hold excess water and feel bloated. You know, that swollen feeling in your face or fingers after a big dinner at your favorite restaurant.

In this situation, taking a supplement to help alleviate some of that sodium and water can come in handy.

The main reason many people use a diuretic is for improving physical appearance ... typically for a very specific event or a few days. They are NOT intended to be used long-term. 

Anyone who is a bodybuilder, competed in a physique competition, or has been around that atmosphere can tell you that many competitors use natural diuretics before they step on stage.

Another common case to use a diuretic is when someone has a photo shoot and wants to showcase their very best physique for the camera.


These few situations above that highlight the proper use of a diuretic could be perfect for our extra strength natural diuretic, Symmetry.

Being an all-natural diuretic, it can help fight water retention, reduce bloat, and bring out your best look when the time is right!

Things to Note

1) Back to my example of going on vacation to the beach ... if you are going to be drinking on a trip, then it would be smart to hold off on taking a diuretic. Alcohol is a diuretic itself, so taking a diuretic, followed by drinking alcohol, can lead to dehydration.

2) Depending on why you were holding extra water before using a diuretic, if that reason is still present, then the water retention can come right back as soon as you stop taking the diuretic. So don't use a diuretic as a "band-aid" to a bad habit.

3) Since taking a diuretic will increase urination and bathroom frequency, I would suggest taking Symmetry in the morning. This can help prevent a restless night of sleep from more bathroom visits.


While it's not a supplement that is designed for you to use every day ... a diuretic, such as 1st Phorm's Symmetry, can be a great tool for specific situations.

That being said, if you do have a goal appearance or physique, do not rely on a quick fix. Get started right away with a proper plan that will set you up for long-term success.

Earn the right to feel confident on your trip, at your show, or during that shoot. But do it now, in advance, and if you use a diuretic, let it be the cherry on top.

If you need any help with formulating that plan, download the 1st Phorm App now to get 1-on-1 coaching, custom macros, workouts, and so much more!

And if you're still not sure if a diuretic is right for you, or you have more questions ... just let us know, and our team of NASM Certified Personal Trainers can answer any questions you have!

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