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Study Shows Best Protein Timing For Results

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When Is the Best Time to Eat Protein?

Proper timing of nutrients is discussed a great deal on the 1st Phorm website, especially protein timing.  Studies have told us a great deal about when the best time to take protein shakes might be surrounding your workout.  These results indicate that the time periods right before your workout as well as right after your workout are the best times.  A few studies have compared both of these time periods head to head with one study saying before exercise was better and the other study saying there was no differences between the two times.

What about the remainder of the day?  Does it matter?  Yes it does. First of all it’s pretty clear that more protein is needed by people who train hard.  Next, the type of protein you consume can also make a difference.  In this instance, proteins with the highest quality have been shown with research to maximize increases in muscle protein synthesis.  Whether you realize it or not this is where products that contain whey protein isolate like Level-1 & Phormula-1 are so important.  It doesn’t hurt that it tastes pretty darn good as well.

Protein Timing Study Results

A recent study performed by Stu Phillips research group out of McMaster University had three groups of healthy resistance trained men ingest the same amount of protein after completing a single bout of lower-body resistance training.  Over the next 12 hours, changes in muscle protein synthesis were measured after consuming different combinations of 80 grams of whey protein isolate.  One group ingested 2 doses of 40 grams of protein separated by six hours.  A second group ingested 4 doses of 20 grams of protein each separated by three hours.  The final group ingested eight different doses of 10 grams of protein that were each separated by 90 minutes.

Protein ingestion in all groups increased muscle protein synthesis significantly from baseline.  This is important because if you’re busy or something happens that knocks you off your schedule the most important thing here to remember is that getting some protein in you is helpful.  But you knew all that and quite frankly it is not very interesting.


How Often Should I be Eating Protein?

What you might find interesting is that the group, which ingested 4 doses of 20 grams of protein every 3 hours, was found to experience the greatest increase in muscle protein synthesis when compared to the other two groups.  The authors concluded by stating their study provided novel information regarding the impact of manipulating the distribution of protein feedings and that optimal strategies may favorably increase resistance-training adaptations.

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Chad Kerksick PhD
Chad Kerksick PhD

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