ELITE TRAINER Kendra Jarratt

Fitness & Nutrition Coach | Gorham, ME

About Kendra

I am a certified nutrition, strength, and behavior change coach, all through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I first started as a nutrition coach and personal trainer in my early 20's after falling in love with lifting weights and learning to fuel my body. My passion for athletic competition took me through nearly three decades of endurance racing all while maintaining my love for lifting weights. I competed in triathlons of all distances including one full Ironman, semi-professional bike racing, and adventure racing. In my 30’s I made the move to a corporate career for the stability that so many of us look for at that age, all the while hoping to return to my passion: coaching.


I dabbled in coaching during my corporate career and have always encouraged others to reach for their goals. Finally, I took the leap and started my online coaching business, Kendra Jarratt Coaching, which has grown to help thousands of people across the globe transform themselves and their lives. I work with a wide variety of people and absolutely love what I do. I feel honored and grateful to be able to work with people on their fitness journey as we work together to make the world a healthier place.

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Opti-Health Stack


"I was introduced to the Greens and Reds and started taking them daily. Along with changing my diet, bringing resistance training back into the mix, I learned about gut health which was eye opening to me. So these are a non-negotiable for me these days and have been for many years."



"I have arthritis and have experienced bouts of seasonal depression and have found adding this into my healthy diet has been a game changer for me in terms of keeping my joints moving well and general mood improvements."

Post Workout Stack

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"The Post Workout Stack has been a game changer for me. I was always getting enough protein during the day but hadn't fueled my workouts properly, so adding in the carbs post workout helped me with recovery and overall performance in a way I hadn't felt before."