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Everyone’s heard of testosterone, but there are many misconceptions out there about it.

In this article, we’ll talk about what testosterone is, how testosterone boosters work, and what you can do to naturally increase your body’s testosterone levels.

What Is Testosterone And What Does It Do

When most men and women think of testosterone they’re probably conjuring up a picture of an angry man getting into a fight or something along those lines. But testosterone is much more complicated than that. Testosterone is a major sex hormone that can be found in both men and women but in very different amounts. Your testosterone levels are a big indicator of the state of your overall health. 

According to Harvard Medical School’sHarvard Health Publishing, testosterone plays an important role in the following biological functions:

  • The healthy development of muscle strength
  • The process of bone growth
  • The health and strength of one’s sex drive
  • Helps maintain one’s mood
  • The development of facial and pubic hair
  • The latter development of baldness
  • The healthy development of muscle size

Testosterone is also a key component of the development of male sex organs and bodily changes during puberty.

In women, testosterone is necessary for proper ovarian function as well as bone strength and maintaining a sexual libido.

Because of these important functions, it’s important that your body has the right amount of testosterone for its needs. Too much testosterone can result in lower sperm counts, heart muscle damage, acne, aggressive behavior, and mood swings. Too little testosterone can result in reduced facial hair, loss of muscle mass, low libidos, and brittle bones.

Since the smallest of changes can alter your body significantly, it’s important to always keep an eye out for signs of abnormal testosterone levels.

That’s wherenatural testosterone supplements and boosters come in.

What Are Testosterone Boosters & Supplements

Testosterone boosters are supplements that people (usually men) take to increase or boost their testosterone levels. Some of these testosterone supplements are natural while others use more synthetic (unnatural) ingredients.

The idea is that the ingredients found in testosterone boosters can help encourage your body to produce more testosterone than it does currently. There’s a variety of ways a testosterone supplement may be formulated to accomplish this goal.

Some men take testosterone boosters because their doctor recommends it.

Others take testosterone boosters because they feel that their body is somehow underperforming and they want to correct it. People might think their body is underperforming if:

  • There’s a lack of recovery
  • There’s a lack of energy throughout the day
  • There’s a lack of overall training performance
  • They’re not sleeping well
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pump is lacking
  • If athletic performance isn’t improving in spite of training

No matter why you’re taking testosterone boosters, make sure you settle for nothing less than the best. Testosterone is an important hormone and you shouldn’t experiment with supplements from untrustworthy companies.

1st Phorm has three different testosterone booster supplements and two different testosterone stacks to help you improve athletic performance and overall well-being.

Check out our testosterone boosting supplements to see which one would best fit your needs.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work

It’s all well and good to know what testosterone does.

And it’s good to know what testosterone supplements claim to do.

But do testosterone boosters work? Can testosterone supplements actually boose your testosterone levels? 

The answer is, “it depends.”

Like most fitness supplements, there are testosterone boosters and then there are testosterone boosters that actually work. Not all testosterone supplements are created equal. Some testosterone boosters will inevitably increase levels better than other supplements. We have some suggestions to make sure you’re using nothing but the very best supplements to improve your testosterone levels.

Natural over synthetic 

If you’re worried about your testosterone levels, you should stick with supplements with natural ingredients. Especially if you’re not taking a doctor-prescribed testosterone-boosting medication. Your body is extremely sensitive to changes in testosterone and it’s best if you go the safer, natural route than the experimental, synthetic one to increase your testosterone levels. Also, using natural ingredients will help you stay away from testosterone boosting steroids which can long-term damage to the body and possibly disqualify you from participating in certain athletic competitions. Natural testosterone supplements are much safer and less dangerous.

Designed to increase luteinizing hormones 

Luteinizing hormone (LH) triggers your body to naturally produce more free testosterone. Blends that helppromote LH production will also encourage your body to create more testosterone. Raising your LH levels will also encourage the production of growth hormone which will help increase muscle strength, sexual vitality, and overall lean muscle mass. The synergistic effects that come with raising your LH levels are so much more beneficial than just focusing on testosterone alone.

Look for something that doesn’t have to be cycled 

Some testosterone boosters have to be cycled. This is when you take them for a while and then break for a period of time so your body can recover. The best testosterone boosters optimize your hormone levels so you do not have to cycle them. That way your levels stay level instead of having constant ups and downs.

Promotes rest and recovery 

Sometestosterone supplements promote rest. They help the body relax and recover. This is important for athletes who want to optimize their workouts. If you’re not properly recovering you’ll never see the gains you’re hoping for. A testosterone booster that can help you better recover and improve sleep quality is always a great option for athletes and the physically fit.

D-aspartic acid and agmatine 

D-aspartic Acid and agmatine are two amino acids that have both been shown toboost testosterone levels naturally. If you’re going to take a testosterone booster, be sure to find one that contains these important aminos and others that promote muscle synthesis and recovery.

How To Supplement Your Testosterone Levels In Other Ways

If you’re trying to lose weight but you do nothing aside from taking diet pills, nothing will change. That’s because diet pills supplement your other efforts to lose weight. They’re an aid that optimizes and improves your current efforts. They don’t replace current efforts.

Testosterone boosters are the same in that they work best when you do other things alongside taking boosters. Some stuff that you can do to naturally increase your testosterone levels include:

Exercise, exercise, exercise – There’s a lot of evidence that working out helpsnaturally improve your testosterone levels. Especially training larger muscle groups like your legs, back, and chest. So… if you are one to skip leg day, you are skipping out on great benefits for your testosterone. 

Take your vitamins – We already mentioned d-aspartic acid and agmatine, but vitamin D and zinc will also help increase your testosterone naturally as well. On top of this, taking a well rounded daily nutrient pack that covers all of your baseline needs will help with normal everyday function, hormone production, and energy levels. 

Make sleep a priority –  All too often sleep is an afterthought or overlooked completely. Making sleep more of a priority in your life will improve your testosterone levels.

1st Phorm Has Quality Testosterone Boosters That Work

Don’t settle for less than the best. 1st Phorm has some of the best, safest testosterone boosting supplements on the market. Night-T promotes rest and recovery. Conquest HD contains important, testosterone-boosting amino acids. Primal-T doesn’t need to be cycled but can still promote increased LH levels.

Our stacks combine these different benefits so you can maximize each testosterone supplement synergistically.

Come, check out what 1st Phorm has to offer.

*This post was written by Will Grumke. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Certified Weight Loss Specialist, NASM Certified Behavioral Change Specialist, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Will Grumke
Will Grumke

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