The Best Healthier Crunchy Snack Alternatives

The Best Healthier Crunchy Snack Alternatives

Growing up, I was always going to the cupboard and grabbing the easiest snacks. For me, it was chips, sugary cereals, and lots of cookies! I couldn’t stop eating those darn things.

Now, as an adult, I still get a lot of these same cravings, but I’ve learned to deal with them so that I can stay on track with my fitness goals.

See, when you’re dieting, all sorts of cravings can kick in! Heck, I'm sure you probably even have a favorite treat that you crave from time to time while dieting. Maybe it's something sweet, something salty, or maybe you just prefer something crunchy?

Regardless though, the good news is ... you don’t have to cut out all the foods you like to reach your goals. In many cases, you just need to find healthier alternatives.

This will be different for every person, of course ... but today, I will show you the reason crunchy snacks can throw you off. Then, I’ll give you the best healthy alternatives that can keep you on track!

Because let’s be real … who doesn’t love a good crunchy snack?

The Issue With Most Crunchy Snacks

The problem with most crunchy snacks is that they are normally pretty unhealthy. They can be highly processed, loaded with sugar and/or fat, and can definitely be tough to stop eating ... which can throw off our plan completely.

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These would be the crunchy snacks I mentioned above such as chips, sugary cereals, cookies, candy, and even trail mix, just to name a few. Sure, in moderation, you can enjoy most of these snacks and still stay on track.

The problem is though, they are typically loaded with sugars and fat meaning they don’t do a good job of filling you up, but are loaded with calories. This can lead to you eating way more than you first intended to eat.

On top of that, given the heavy processing, a lot of these crunchy snacks are very low in the essential nutrients our bodies want and need to operate efficiently.

Keep in mind that a lot of these foods are designed to be addictive as well. Not only are they loaded with carbs and fats, which we crave as fuel sources, but they also have a lot of sodium as well, which can keep us coming back for more. This is not good, especially when you are trying to lose weight!

Think about how many times you’ve told yourself that you would just have one or two and put the box away. Ten minutes later, you find yourself sticking your whole hand in to grab more and more.

Don’t worry, that has happened to me plenty of times too! That’s because most of these snacks were designed so you wouldn’t put them down.

Instead of giving up crunchy snacks though, you just have to reach for better options. Either that, or find healthy substitutions that will actually help you reach your goals.

My Favorite Healthy Crunchy Snacks

My solution to this problem has been to not buy these snacks anymore so I am not tempted to eat them! This doesn’t mean that my cravings go away though.

You just have to find some healthy alternatives for these crunchy snacks. That way, you can stay on track while pursuing your health and fitness goals.

Here’s a list of snacks that can be deemed "healthy" and keep you on track! Just keep in mind, a lot of these snacks are lower on the protein side of things.

If you are trying to lose weight, making sure you get an adequate amount of protein is crucial! So even with these healthier alternatives ... I always recommend tagging it with a high-quality protein source to give your body the protein it needs.


Don’t put unhealthy things on top. Popcorn alone isn’t terrible, it’s when you start adding the butter, salt, caramel, and extra toppings that it can become an issue. If anything, popcorn can be a great snack when you tag it with a protein shake!


Make sure to measure this out and stick to serving sizes. While these snacks can be a lot better than chips or candy, you can still overdo them.

Energy Balls

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Energy balls can be a great substitution for cookies. There are a lot of good energy ball recipes that actually include protein powder as the main ingredient, which I would heavily encourage.

Dried Chickpeas

Chickpeas are great for crunch and a little extra protein. While they aren’t the best standalone source of protein, they are definitely far better than most crunchy snacks.

Roasted Nuts

If you have salty cravings, this may be your go-to snack. Again, I would recommend adding a good protein source to this snack, as a lot of nuts are low in some of the essential amino acids your body is seeking from high-quality protein sources like chicken, fish, beef, and even whey protein.

Apples and Peanut Butter

Fruit, in general, can be a great snack. Apples just happen to have a little more crunch to them than most fruits. When you tag them with peanut butter, they can really satisfy some cravings. Just make sure you are keeping the peanut butter consumption in check … it can get out of hand quickly.

Baked Tortilla Chips

One of the biggest issues with chips is that they are fried, making them a lot fattier. Baked chips on the other hand, can be much lower in fat, making them a far better alternative. If you can tag these bagged chips with a good source of protein, you have a fairly decent crunchy, and well-rounded snack.

Frozen Grapes

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Another awesome fruit with some crunchiness is grapes. The secret, you have to freeze them to get that crunch. Like always, make sure not to overdo it and include a protein source too.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes make for a great low-calorie, crunchy snack. I regularly find myself grabbing rice cakes and a protein shake when I’m in a pinch or need some crunch. On top of that, rice cakes come in a wide variety of flavors to help satisfy whatever cravings you may have. They make chocolate, caramel, tomato basil, cheddar, and several other flavors that taste awesome, depending on what you like!

Most Fresh Veggies

Fresh vegetables are another great low-calorie snack that offers a lot of crunch. Really, the only way you can go wrong here is by using a high-calorie dip, like ranch. This is where you could try a greek yogurt-based copycat, or something low-calorie to go with it. You do, however, have quite a few veggies to choose from as well:

• Celery
• Carrots
• Peppers
• Cabbage & Kimchi
• Brussels sprouts
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Radishes
• Water Chestnuts
• Cucumbers & pickles
• Snap peas


As long as you aren’t overdoing them, seeds can be another good crunchy snack to tag with a protein source. Plus, some of them will even come flavored to your liking.

Protein Bars

If you’re looking for a crunchy snack and protein all in one… a high-quality protein bar can be a great solution. I am a big fan of freezing my protein bars for a little extra crunch as well. Don’t knock it 'til you try it!

Don’t Go Overboard

All of these snacks can be great substitutes for some of our favorite snacks, all while helping to keep us on track with our fitness goals! The problem though, too much of anything can still throw you off track.

But how do you know how much is too much? How do you know how much to eat to help you achieve your goal?

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This is when I recommend you start tracking your food. We have a saying at 1st Phorm, “What you can’t measure, you can’t manage.” It’s the truth!

If you aren’t keeping track of the protein, carbs, fats, and calories you’re putting in … you’ll never know what needs to change to help you reach your goals.

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