How do I know when I’m burning fat?

Well, you should start by taking the proper measurements along with taking pictures every four weeks to monitor your progress. The most immediate measure of fat loss will be how your clothes are fitting. Pay attention, if they are getting loser then you are burning fat or if they are getting tighter then you are gaining fat. The proper measurements you should be doing every four weeks are weighing yourself, body fat testing and pictures. These three tools should not only tell you if you are losing fat, but they should tell you exactly how much fat you are losing. These measurements will allow you to track results and make adjustments as necessary. Remember not to do these measurements too often because they may cause you to panic and abandon your plan, every four weeks is about right. Any good personal trainer in your town should be able to offer body fat testing with skin calipers. Good luck and be patient…if you’re honestly doing the work the results will come!