Why does it seem so hard for me to lose fat? I have been eating right, using the right supplements, doing cardio as well as lifting very consistently for a month now, but I have seen minimal results. I am starting to get frustrated.

Patience, my friend ... patience.

Stick with it, this lag time for fat loss results is very normal.

It usually takes the body at least four or five weeks to achieve noticeable results during any fat loss regimen.

You are almost clear of the “lag zone”, which means your results will begin to accelerate tremendously very soon.

You are doing all the right things with lifting, cardio, diet & supplementation, you just have to be patient.

Many people share this same frustration you are having and end up quitting before they get past the “lag zone”.

This time frame should always be expected when dieting and have confidence that once you get past 5 weeks or so your results will accelerate TREMENDOUSLY!

You are on the doorstep of amazing progress. If you quit now, you’ll be extremely disappointed ... if you stick with it, you’ll be extremely satisfied.

The choice is yours.

If you haven’t already, you might want to consider adding a thermogenic fat burner to you supplementation program.

1-Db Overdrive & 1-Db Goddess are great choices when it comes to thermogenics.

NOTE: It is by far the most powerful thermogenic on the market and needs to be taken exactly as the label indicates!

If you're really after dramatic results, you should combine 1-Db Overdrive or 1-Db Goddess with Thyro-Drive! These two together produce a great synergistic punch!

By using both, you are accelerating fat loss through both the central nervous system and by stimulating thyroid hormone production.

Both of these could help speed results tremendously.

No matter what you decide, make sure you STICK WITH IT ... the big results are just around the corner.