What is the best overall exercise for building muscle?

When it comes to this question there are two kind of guys. There are squat guys and there are dead lift guys. Honestly guys, we are splitting hairs here…but I have to go with the squat. If I had to pick only one exercise for building muscle, it would definitely be the squat. Squats are tough. Squats hurt. Squats will make you puke. Squats will make you so sore you’ll fear taking a dump because it hurts to sit down. Squats are a lot less fun than dead lifts and thats why I also think they are more effective.

However, squats will also build more muscle than any other exercise (obviously my opinion…no science here). Squats involve virtually all of the body’s muscle to perform. When it comes to squats, you will hear a million excuses as to why people can’t do them. I’ve made them myself before and I can tell you 99% of the excuses are just a bunch of bullshit. People just fear doing squats because of the aforementioned reasons. Squats are tough, but they will pack muscle on you like no other exercise. If you’re serious about building muscle, squats must be a cornerstone of your training routine. Period. You either want it or you don’t.