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Best Vitamins for Men

Men have specific health needs. That should be obvious, but people always forget that.

Because of the specific daily nutritional needs that men have, they should not treat all vitamin supplements the same. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best vitamins for men as well as beneficial supplements, minerals, and nutrients. 

Best Vitamins For Men

Vitamins and minerals are vital for maintaining a healthy, happy body. So are certain other nutrients.

Below are some of the most important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help the male body perform its best! Here are a few of the best vitamins for men as well as where and how to implement them into your diet. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important fat-soluble vitamin that everyone needs in their diet. It’s recommended that men between the ages of 19 and 50 get at least 600 IU or 15 mcg of vitamin D every day. The hardest part about getting enough vitamin D in your diet is that it’s pretty difficult to find in most foods.

Most of the foods that you eat with vitamin D in them are actually fortified with it and do not contain vitamin D naturally. Common fortified foods include dairy products and cereals. Vitamin D is important because it helps the body process and use calcium. Without the proper daily dose of vitamin D, you’re likely losing out on calcium. Calcium promotes strong bones as well as proper muscle and heart function (more on that later) making Vitamin D one of the best vitamins for men.

Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in your immune system function, your mood, hormone production, and multiple other bodily operations. It’s also important to note that Vitamin D is a key factor in your testosterone levels.

There aren’t enough studies that show that more Vitamin D results in boosted testosterone, but there is a slight correlation between lack of vitamin D and low testosterone.


Unlike vitamin D, magnesium is found in a variety of foods. Which is a good thing, because you need a lot of it. There are over 300 biological processes that require magnesium.

Some of these processes are essential in protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose regulation, and blood pressure control. 

To keep it simple, magnesium is imperative to your overall wellness.

Magnesium is essential for life. Men need different amounts of magnesium at different ages. For example, between the ages of 19 and 30, an adult male needs at least 400 mg of magnesium, but that number increases to 420 milligrams after that.

Although magnesium is pretty easy to find in your normal diet, supplementing your normal magnesium intake will only guarantee that you get the magnesium you need.

Some good foods high in magnesium that you may want to add to your diet are greens, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Saw Palmetto

Prostate health is a uniquely male health problem. As men age, they continue needing more and more help to maintain the health of their prostate. Prostate issues can lead to urinary tract problems as well as the slow enlargening of the prostate.

To help men combat the problems brought on by aging and an enlargened prostate, we made our Complete Prostate AM and PM supplements.

Complete Prostate AM contains a healthy 500 mg of saw palmetto to help promote prostate health and healthy urine flow. Complete Prostate PM contains the same amount of saw palmetto, but is also a great addition to your evening ritual as it contains 2 mg of melatonin along with other natural ingredients to promote deep, restful sleep.


Most Americans simply don’t eat enough vegetables, which is a shame for many reasons. Greens are great because they provide your body with phytonutrients you wouldn’t normally get through your diet even if you ate all of your veggies. They’re also nutrient-dense while still containing few calories.

To help make it easier for people like you to get the vitamins and minerals you need, 1st Phorm made a greens supplement called Opti-Greens 50.

Opti-Greens 50 is a combination of organic greens, grasses, superfoods, probiotics and digestive enzymes that can help maintain and enhance gut health and digestion.

By improving your body's gut health, you will be able to break down and utilize the foods that you eat and supplements that you take more effectively.

Helping your body to operate more efficiently and improve your results as well as overall health!


Everybody has heard of calcium. It’s the mineral that keeps your bones nice and strong. It’s also the most common mineral in the body.

What people might not know ... however, is that calcium is also important for good vascular contraction and vasodilation. It’s also important for healthy muscle function, nerve transmission, and hormonal secretion.

Basically, calcium wears many different hats.

As your body ages, it becomes harder and harder for your bones to get enough calcium. This is why as people age, they become more susceptible to bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

If dairy isn’t your thing and you’re looking to increase your calcium intake, a supplement can help. If your supplement includes the aforementioned vitamin D then all the better.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is usually known for its immune system-improving properties, but that’s not all it does. Vitamin C is also important when it comes to the biosynthesis of collagen, amino acids like L-carnitine, and other neurotransmitters. Many foods have Vitamin C in them including citrus fruits, bell peppers, strawberries and tomatoes.

If you’re a man and who’s either 19 years of age or older, it’s recommended that you have at least 90 mg of Vitamin C every day so your body can properly function.


Probiotics are different kinds of healthy bacteria, which help aid in digestion and improve overall gut health. Probiotics can help aid those who have some sort of digestive disorder such as diarrhea, IBS, or inflammatory bowel disease. But that’s not all.

Probiotics also play a huge role in maintaining a strong immune system and proper hormone production.  Many of 1st Phorm’s nutritional supplements contain different probiotic blends to help you stay healthy and happy.

We already mentioned our Opti-Greens 50 supplement, but our Micro Factor multivitamins are another great way of getting your body the probiotics it needs.


Zinc is another essential mineral that aids the body’s immune system. It also helps with different aspects of cellular metabolism.

When looking at supplementing in with Zinc, find a product that has 10mg or more of zinc in order to receive benefits for helping your immune system. 


Omega-3s are essential fatty acids. Omega-3s play important roles within the body. They can help reduce inflammation in the body, improve brain health, moderate cholesterol levels, promote heart health, and more!

Unfortunately, most American’s do not get nearly enough Omega-3’s into their diet. Therefore supplementing with a high-quality Omega-3 supplement that is high in EPA and DHA is important.

To help improve your Omega-3s intake, 1st Phorm developed its Full-Mega supplement. Each dose of Full-Mega contains 2500 mg of Omega-3s to help nourish your body so you receive the plethora of benefits of Omega-3s.

1st Phorm Has The Vitamins You Need

Whatever your nutritional needs are, 1st Phorm can help you meet them. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply trying to get healthier ... 1st Phorm has something for you. Let us help you find the best supplement or vitamin for you without the stress of having to do it all on your own.

Come and check out our nutritional supplements and find which ones will best fit you and your needs today!


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