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Buckle down! Getting through the first few weeks of a new program

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We all like to look our best when we have a big event, a photo shoot or vacation. When getting ready for something special I normally give myself a set period of time where I eat extra clean, cut out sugar and carbs, do extra cardio and training, and really bust my ass. But I often find myself struggling to stick to my program and it can take me several days to really get in this new mindset and get on point.  And as many of us know, this time lag often ends up leading to crash dieting and excruciating amounts of cardio in order to catch up.

I have put into place a few key items that help me overcome my procrastination tendencies and follow the set guidelines and timeframe in a healthy manner to achieve the desired results.

1.  Write down your plan.
For me, this is best accomplished by getting in the mindset well before starting the physical work… I normally start to prep 2 to 3 weeks out.  I start by writing out my diet and training program well in advance and pinning it up on my vision board along with pictures from recent competitions and my favorite athletes for that extra motivation!! “If they can reach their goals then so can I!”

2. Erase temptations
Next I clean my fridge out of all the “unnecessary” items and hide away any treats that might tempt me.  When I go to the grocery store I make a conscious decision about everything that goes in my cart to make sure I’m making smart choices.  It can be dangerous to go food shopping when you’re hungry… so eat up before heading out to shop!  To further avoid temptation I prepare my week’s meals ahead of time so that I am ready to hit the ground running!

3. ‘Cheat’ now, so you don’t cheat later!
Lastly, I allow myself one final ‘cheat meal’ before I start the program.  That way, when Monday comes around and I don’t crave anything and am fully ready to go!!!

Sticking to a plan is never easy and we all slip sometimes.  I have done it too many times to count! Lol!  But, the important thing is to correct yourself, not beat yourself up about it, and get right back on track as soon as possible! You can achieve great things, and hopefully these three tips that have worked for me will also help put you on the path to looking great and feeling even better at your special event!

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1st Phorm Athlete Kerri Hayes
1st Phorm Athlete Kerri Hayes

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