What is the Beta-Alanine Itch?

As we’ve discussed previously, beta-alanine is a popular nutritional supplement that is used by bodybuilders and exercising athletes to help improve performance and enhance their ability to train. The end result of supplementation with beta-alanine is thought to be an increase in muscle carnosine levels as carnosine is known to be one of the primary […]

It Has to Be The Creatine…Really?

Recently, a great opportunity presented itself for me to “vent” regarding a scenario that presents itself in the media all too often. Around the third week of August, news reports out of Oregon told the story that thirteen high school football players were hospitalized for some form of muscle condition. While the cause of the […]

When I read about vitamins and minerals, I see reference to RDA, DRI, EAR, UL and AI. Which should I care about?

The Food and Nutrition Board along with the Institute of Medicine have worked together to provide reference tables for all micronutrients in our diet. What are micronutrients, you ask? It’s those nutrients that we need in our diet in small amounts, hence the name ‘micro’. If you still have no idea what I’m talking about […]

It’s hot out there…Be smart and use common sense

With a background in athletic training, I’ve seen my fair share of heat injuries and problems and I’m amazed at how many times people (athletes or not) get into trouble with the heat. Our bodies produce heat and lots of it when we exercise and when the temperatures outside are high, it becomes nearly impossible […]

Muscle Physiology and Strength Research 101

If I would like to understand more about muscle and how exercise training effects it, what are the key things I should understand? I guess you could call this Q/A a lecture titled “Muscle Physiology and Strength Research 101”. I must warn you that you are flirting with dangerous territory asking a muscle geek to […]

I just got back into training, and I’m amazed (No Depressed) at how sore I am. And I didn’t even think I was lifting that heavy! What happened and what can I do to prevent it?

Congrats for getting back into it. This is really a common occurrence, and unfortunately not a very clear cut answer. Studies have shown that strength is able to be sustained for quite some time after not training (1), but growth and endurance are lost more quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t have many magical things to say. […]

Focus On the Big Picture

My mom always told me that if you worry about the pennies the dollars will take care of themselves. This saying is true for financial conversations as well as exercise and nutrition. I’m amazed at how conversations related to exercise and nutrition are often dominated by details. When I try bringing the conversation back to […]

Is Current Regulation of Supplements Safe?

Every semester, groups of students in my class debate over this exact topic. I think it’s a relevant point and one that individuals who enjoy having the liberty of choosing several different types of products at reasonable prices should fight for and speak up about when needed. The sensationalist approach often used in the media […]

Where is the research that glutamine affects athletic performance?

Glutamine Overview/Background This question is not surprising as glutamine has been around for years now. In fact, I remember buying my first tub of glutamine powder back in 1997 when I was in college. I read all of the advertising and thought to myself, “I need some of that!” As your question states and related […]

I have searched the internet and can’t find 1st Phorm products anywhere? Where can I find them online?

Nowhere. The only place you can currently find our products online is You can also find them in authorized 1st Phorm brick & mortar retailers. We are not interested in being sold on every website across the entire internet. Nor are we interested in becoming the largest mass market hype machine supplement company in […]

Is it true that that if I lift weights I’ll become bulky like a guy? All the girls at work say that I shouldn’t lift because I will end up looking like a guy.

Absolutely, positively NOT TRUE! Lifting is absolutely necessary to achieve a lean toned look. I had a question like this not too long ago, you can read about it here. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about weight lifting for women. If you can get over the idea that lifting will make you bulky […]