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Get Those Glutes!

2 min read

Everyone always wants to know how do I get tight glutes! Well let me first start by saying that you must know how to use them in the right way. Through my years of training and teaching others how to innervate their backside I have learned that most are NOT doing it currently. In this article, I’m going to gives some tips on how to get that round tight backside we all crave!

Firs, it’s important to know how everything works together. You need to make sure the lifts you are doing are activating your gluteus maximums, medius, and minimus, while also effectively toning your hamstrings (back of your legs). A few of these exercises you are probably familiar with. But first I’ll ask… have you ever been sore after a straight leg dead lift, a stability-ball hamstring curl, or a step back lunge? If your answer is NO then you are NOT using your muscles in the right way to get the most out of your lift/lifts. The BEST advice I can share with you is to make sure you are pushing through your heels! In fact, the next time you do a step back lunge take your toe and touch the top of your shoe or put a small plate weight under the ball of your foot to ensure you are pushing through your heel and using your glutes correctly. This takes a lot of practice and will take you some time to master. When you do master it, believe me, you will know! Muscles you never knew you had will be sore.

Another word of advice, make sure you don’t use a lot of weight when you are first learning. For example, when I have a new client that is learning a step back lunge I have them hold on to something using no weight so they can focus on pushing through their heel and innervate their glutes. Start out slow and make sure your knee doesn’t go over your toe. If your knees hurt then you are likely doing something wrong.

Because I want all of you to get a GREAT backside before summer I am going to give you a sample of one of my workouts that I guarantee will get you started in the right direction.

Do the following 2-3x for 15 reps (make sure to warm up)
1. Step back lunge (one of my favorites)
2. One legged leg press (put foot high on platform)
3. Stability-ball Hamstring curl (lift hips high)
4. Walking lunge with glute squeeze

*NOTE: all of the above exercises need to be preformed in a slow and controlled fashion. Pushing through your heels is the BEST/ only way to get that glute involved and get the round backside that you have dreamed about!

If you do these exercises for the next 2 weeks 3x per week then you should start to see a difference. Next time I will touch on adding plyometrics to your routine, but first you MUST learn how to use those glutes. Till next time, train hard, train smart and stay consistent!

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1st Phorm Athletes Michelle and Kristie Trasey
1st Phorm Athletes Michelle and Kristie Trasey

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