Importance of Resistance Training Intensity and Key Intramuscular Changes

Resistance training is key to building muscle and strength, but varying your intensity & repetition can lead to different outcomes. In this article by Dr. Chad Kerksick, learn to calculate your ideal weight and reps to reach your desired muscular changes and goals.

Many of the Women I Know Take Soy Protein Because They Say It’s Better For Women. Is This True?

Soy versus milk protein? It depends on what you're end goal is. Both have overall health benefits, but when combined with exercise and resistance training they can deliver different outcomes. Read Dr. Chad Kerksick's review of each to see which one is best for you!

What Are The Best Supplements For a Strength and Power Athlete? Part 2

Dr Chad Kerksick looks at the different types of Whey Protein, what they are comprised of, and how studies have shown that use of whey protein can increase strength and lean mass in athletes as well as aid in body composition and fat loss.

Why can’t I just eat a diet high in meat to get creatine. Who doesn’t like meat?

While meat is a natural source of creatine, Dr. Chad Kerksick illustrates the excessive amount and cost associated with consuming the suggested 3-5 grams of daily creatine through beef, chicken, fish, pork and other foods.

The Truth About Creatine Loading

“I need you to settle something for me once and for all.  Should I load with creatine or not?”

Good question.  This topic is one that takes a complete perspective with regards to how it can affect your exercise and nutrition plan [...]

Maximize Your Force and Power by Manipulating the Rest Between Reps

We've all heard of resting between sets, but have you ever tried resting between reps? Dr. Chad Kerksick looks at the use of short rest periods between reps and the effects on overall strength and power.

The Foundation of a Thermogenic: Green Tea

Have you looked at the calendar?  Has it hit you that you have around ten weeks before the month of June and the official start of summer?  Yeah, that is correct; it is time to get serious.  Before you know it, it will be time for you to look your best.  No shirts and shorts […]

How to Choose a Gym

1st Phorm Athlete, Tony Friedrich, spends a lot of time at the gym. So when it comes to choosing a new gym that fits your needs, he has some useful insight, tips & things to look for.

Using Melatonin and Valerian to Help Get Some Shut Eye

Having trouble getting to sleep or problems staying asleep? Dr. Chad Kerksick looks at 2 well documented ingredients, melatonin & valerian, that promote restful sleep.

What Are Typical Testosterone Changes that Occur When I Lift Weights?

Dr Chad Kerksick looks at the body's testosterone release in regards to the type of exercise being done, the amount of muscle recruited, intensity and how it all relates to muscle growth.

A Moment on the Lips, A Lifetime of Problems

Dr. Chad Kerksick of 1st Phorm looks at how overeating for only a 2 months can cause long term effects not only on your weight but fat percentages and muscle cell functions.

Creatine and Beta-Alanine

You've probably heard of creatine - a common workout supplement - and it's possible you've heard of beta-alanine as well.

However, have you ever thought of what they could do together? In this article, we'll look at the history of using creatine, and the research behind pairing [...]

Interval Training Mere Mortals Could Do

The positive effect derived from high-intensity interval work continues to amaze me, and I have been a fan of intervals for a long time.  Mainly because it appeased to my anaerobic sporting interests I developed from playing hoops and such.  Easily the biggest problem with this research was that it wasn’t practical for many people […]

Be Careful and Be Aware

A few months back I indicated I was going to develop a series centered upon energy, calories and how it relates to weight loss, weight gain, body composition, etc., but one thing lead to another and it still hasn’t been completed.  As an enthusiast of exercise and fitness, you need to be made aware that […]

Use Interval Training to Train Efficiently

Imagine being able to exercise with only 10% of the amount of work as someone else and achieve the same amount of beneficial change to your body.  It almost sounds like a gimmick or something you would see on a late night television commercial.  These results aren’t a gimmick and in fact a number of […]

The Battle Against Hidden Calories

As someone who has examined a number of research studies devoted to weight loss and conducted a handful of them as well, the process of losing weight is anything but easy.  One approach of a respected university colleague of mine tells his classes, “Just don’t eat.  You want to lose weight, just don’t eat and […]

Weights or Cardio First?

How many of you have ever wondered what impact it might have if you did weights or cardio first when you go to the gym? Maybe you burn more fat if you do cardio first or weights first?  Or maybe it negatively impacts your ability to improve your aerobic fitness or your strength? An interesting […]

Get Moving

I was reading through some past blog posts on the 1st Phorm site and I came across a past blog by 1st Phorm CEO and good friend, Andy Frisella titled “Intensity: either show up with it or get out of the way” that encouraged readers to get after it when you step foot inside the […]

Just Get it Inside You

A number of feeding approaches have been thrown around when it comes to taking your protein.  Most research studies and most gym-goers deliver the entire dose of protein and/or amino acids in one fast dose.  Another approach, rarely used in everyday life, is to sip on the protein shake over the course of several hours.  […]

Get There and Stay There

I’m sure most of you know some person or maybe several people who lose weight, gain it back, lose weight again, gain it back and so the cycle goes.  Well they certainly aren’t alone as weight loss is challenging, and as you’ll see maintaining weight loss may be even more challenging.  Only 20% of people […]

5 Week Competition Program – Part 3 of 3 in “Choosing the Right Program”

If you’ve followed my last two blogs in the “Choosing the Right Program” series you knew this program was coming. This is the last installment of the program I use and should be used directly after the 4 week prep program. In these five weeks you will be working up to heavy doubles in the […]