2010: A Work In Progress

I want to start this blog by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 2010 is here, and frankly, it’s time to get my ass in gear! The holidays were great, especially the time spent with my 23 month old son, Brady, and of course Gillian, my beautiful partner in crime. The beginning of a new year is time to appreciate what you have and also to make plans to get what you want out of the coming year. I’m not a big resolution type person because resolutions are usually broken and by mid February, are long forgotten. I believe in setting long and short-term goals but have gotten away form this the last few years. So to start this New Year, my goals are as followed.

#1 Continue to be the best dad and spouse I can be! Without my son and Gillian, I am nothing!
#2 Remain healthy and injury free (…no more pec tears!!!)
#3 Continue to do all I can to represent the 1st Phorm team as I see great things on the horizon.
#4 Obtain top 5 at a pro qualifier, target show the North Americans in early September.

As you can see this is a short list of goals but I will further dissect each goal as followed.

I take great pride in being a good dad and supportive spouse; I rank this as my number one goal because like I said, without them I am nothing. It can get frustrating at times prepping for shows or getting back in shape while caring for a sometimes difficult toddler. As a parent, your kids are always your number one priority, and it is a true juggling act providing everything that they need while going through the rigors of competition prep. Trust me; at the end of the day, it is 100% worth it. Gillian and I often talk about how hard it would be to be a single parent this day and age. Even further kudos to those single parents who are still able to compete and or remain in great shape.

My next goal is to remain healthy and injury free. Remaining healthy is the easy part, but is too often taken for granted. I found this out first hand by tearing my pec back in September. This has been a tough injury to overcome, because it has been such a slow process. In fact, I did my first chest workout the other day since the injury. It went well, but I will never be able to train like I used to and will have to take serious precautions every workout. I truly have no idea what it will look like when I get lean and compete, but I will learn to pose around it if any slight deformity remains. The other day at the gym a buddy of mine who I haven’t seen since the injury asked to see it, so I did a few poses and asked him what pec did he think I injured and he picked the opposite one, I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing!!!

My third goal is also an ongoing one, which is very important to me as well. 1st Phorm is an exciting up and coming company with a bright future. I really like the approach they have taken with this company. They believe in quality over quantity and will never sacrifice quality while trying to put out a product, unlike most supplement companies. Look for big things from 1st Phorm in 2010, as the NEVER SETTLE attitude starts to infiltrate the national market!

My final goal is to compete at the IFBB North American Bodybuilding championships as a heavyweight in September. As always, I am shooting for top 5, and I will do everything in my power to attain this goal. I can’t wait to compete again and the process starts now. I just truly enjoy the process of competing, which includes discipline, determination, and prioritization. I will be including a contest prep journal in the Becker Built blog about 12 weeks out from the show. This will detail my every step as I prep for this show.

Well there you have it, my goals for 2010. Nothing unattainable, and truly nothing I haven’t been doing, I just have to build on things to keep them going. Until next time, be consistent, and stay balanced!