A Week in the Life of a Bikini Champion!

I often get asked how I manage to juggle all of my obligations and stay in great shape! Let me tell you, some days, it’s a little crazy, but when you have a goal, you make it happen no matter what! In addition to being a mom to a busy two-year old boy (Brady), I’m also a full-time, night-shift working critical-care nurse, I train fitness competitors and do a little modeling on the side. It’s busy around our house, especially since my partner in crime, Brett, shares all the same responsibilities as I do. Many days, I sleep very little, but my body has adjusted to it and I don’t require as much sleep as many people. I have decided to keep this diary for a week to show you a typical week in my life so you can see how I juggle it all and fit fitness in!!

Saturday January 9, 2010

8:30 am – Wake up with Brady. My little guy decided to join me in my bed last night since his daddy was at work. Eat breakfast.
10:00 am- Head to the gym. Brady goes to the gym nursery. I train chest, shoulders and tri’s in a circuit style since I want to make the most of this precious time!! Finish my workout with 45 minutes of interval cardio.
12:00 pm – Get home from the gym. Brady takes a nap while I catch up on emails and housework.
2:00 pm – Lunchtime and then playtime with Brady.
The rest of the afternoon is spent with my little guy and he lays down after a bath and a book around 8:00pm.
8:00 pm – Finish up some laundry and take a hot shower. What an exciting Saturday night!

Sunday January 10, 2010

6:30 am – 3 mile run on treadmill at home. I am doing my first half-marathon in April and I began my running program this week. I still plan to compete in bikini later in the year but running a marathon is something I have always wanted to do. I will turn 30 this year so I have decided that this will be the year!
8:00 am – Watch cartoons and eat breakfast with Brady
10:00am – Weekly grocery trip. I try to prep my food in bulk so today when I get home from the store I will cook chicken, sweet potatoes and rice for the week. I’m working tonight so I will also pack my meals for work including steamed veggies and brown rice and portions of whey protein, nuts and fruit.
12:30 pm – Brady and I lay down for a nap. Since I go into work at 6:00pm, I take a nap until 4:30 and my hubby will get up with Brady when he is done napping.
6:30 pm – Another night at the hospital. I work on a very busy cardiology floor and I take care of some very sick patients. It makes me appreciate my health and I try to be a role model to my patients by living a healthy lifestyle. Now most nights, I’m lucky if I get a bathroom break so we will see if I manage to scarf down my 2 meals and 3 snacks in the next 12 hours!!!

Monday January 11, 2010

8:30 am – I get home from work and have some family time with Brett and Brady before they head off to the gym. I go to bed from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.
1:30 pm – Brady is up from his nap and we have lunch together and spend the afternoon playing at home. It’s pretty difficult to get anything done once Brady is up since he is so active and needs my attention. But that’s ok with me since he is growing so fast and I know he won’t be a baby forever!
8:00 pm – Brady is tucked into bed and I head down to our home gym to get my workout in. I usually do a boot camp style workout for 30-45 minutes with 10lb dumbbells, resistance bands, my pull-up bar, power wheel and step. Tonight I follow this workout with 30-minute uphill hike on the treadmill at a 12% grade and 3.5 miles per hour. Talk about a great burn!
10:00 pm – After a hot shower I climb into my bed with my laptop and catch up on emails and work on blogs. Brett is at work tonight so I have the bed to myself…for now unless Brady decides to join me!!!
10:02 pm – I spoke too soon! Brady has joined me in the bed. I guess the emails will have to wait for tomorrow! Good night!

Tuesday January 12, 2010

7:30 am – Get up with Brady and have breakfast.
9:30 am – I take Brady to pre-school at our church where he plays with other kids and learns his ABC’s until 2:30! After that, I head to the gym for a plyometric leg workout with a series of jumps, lunges, and squats. After that, I finish my workout with a 3 mile run on the treadmill. There is varying opinions regarding bodybuilders and fitness athletes using running as cardio as some people suggest that it can burn up hard earned leg muscle. I am somebody who responds very well to running and it really helps to streamline my physique. I am only 5 feet tall and running is the cardio of choice for lengthening my legs.
12:00 pm – I work tonight so after my workout and a snack, I collapse into bed for an afternoon nap. I absolutely love sleeping during the day!!
6:30 pm – Another night at work. I start my evening with my first meal that is my breakfast and since I will be up all night, I space out my meals every 2-3 hours just like I would if I were up during the day time. To keep my energy levels up during the night, I rely on 1st Phorm 1Db°. It is also great for curbing my cravings for sweets when I hit that 4 am wall!

Wednesday January 13, 2010

8:30 am – Get home from work and after some family time with Brady and Brett, I lay down for a nap.
2:00 pm – Brady wakes up from his afternoon nap and I get up with him to start my day. Today is my day off training so I will eat fewer carbs today than on the days when I run and need the carbohydrates to fuel my running. This afternoon Brady and I make an outing to a local running store so I can get a foot analysis for the new pair of running shoes I’m buying. The salesperson examines my foot and the shoes that I have been running in and recommends the shoe that is perfect for me. They feel great! I can’t wait to try these babies out tomorrow! At this point I am even thinking of breaking them in at home and skipping my day off but when I get home, a million things come up and I am pooped! It will be an early night tonight!

Thursday January 14, 2010

7:30 am – Up with Brady for breakfast. Every morning I make two bowls of oats with Level-1 vanilla cream protein and fresh blueberries and Brady and I eat together. I’m proud that my little guy enjoys healthy food.
9:30 am – I take Brady to school. He goes every Tuesday and Thursday and it is a nice break for Brett and I! Today after I drop him off I go for a nice bronzing treatment at the local tanning salon. I only tan once a week in the off-season just to keep a healthy glow. It’s so relaxing!
10:00 am – Arrive at the gym for a back and bicep workout, followed by a series of planks for my abs and a 4-mile run. I’m 13 weeks away from my first ½ marathon and my goal is to finish the race in under 1:45. I love a challenge! I sure can’t wait for the weather to improve so I can train outside!
2:30 pm – Time to pick Brady up from school! He had a great day and he’s full of energy and stories to tell me! We go home and play for the rest of the day. Brett works tonight (I know, when do we see each other, right??) so we have the house to ourselves again. After story time and a snuggle, Brady is tucked into bed and I indulge in my weekly dose of reality TV!

Friday, January 15, 2010

7:30 am – Brady and I wake up and have our breakfast. Brett gets home from work and goes to bed.
9:00 am – Arrive at the gym and Brady goes to the nursery while I do a hamstring/glute workout. I finish my workout with a 3-mile run. Usually by the end of the week, I am all out of fresh fruit and veggies so after the gym, Brady and I make a trip to the grocery store for fresh berries, apples, spinach, peppers and asparagus.
12:00 pm – Prep my food for work. Tonight is my last shift of the week so I pack my meals for work, drink a Level-1 shake and feed Brady his lunch. Around 12:30, Brady will take a nap for a few hours and then Brett will get up with him when he wakes up. At this time, I also lay down for the afternoon. It seems like such a strange schedule but since my hubby and I are both night shift workers, we make it work!
6:30 pm – Another night of work. I am in a cheerful mood since after tonight I have the weekend off with my family! Tomorrow night, Brett and I have dinner plans with his brother so I am looking forward to a nice glass of wine and some dessert! I’ve had a busy week—I think I have earned a treat!

There you have it people! That’s a typical week for me. Truthfully, I prefer to be busy and I like a full schedule. One thing that I have learned is that making time to exercise and eat nutritious foods helps me to be a better mom and wife! And because I eat well and choose the best supplements, I have tons of energy to get through my day!

♥ Gillian