The Prowler Flu

If you’re looking for the best conditioning tool on the market, look no further than the prowler.  If you are training in a specialized gym or more of a “hardcore” gym, I’m sure you’ve probably seen this.  Even in commercial gyms these are popping up due to trainers realizing their potential.  Powerlifters don’t do much conditioning in terms of treadmill, stair climber, etc.  But, what we do for conditioning falls under tools like this.  Along with the conditioning aspect, you will be strengthening your legs, hips and arms by using this tool.

Basically the prowler is a general conditioning sled that you can drag or push.  It can be used on almost any surface and handle as much weight as you like.  There are two main ways to use the prowler: you can either load it up with weight and push it by walking, or drop the weight a little and sprint with it.

Now you may be asking what exactly does the flu have to do with this piece of equipment.  Well, if you’ve done the prowler correctly it will leave you coughing, dry heaving, vomiting, feeling light-headed or all the above.  Your next question is why would anyone want to push themselves to this limit.  Easy, to make yourself better!  You’ll find people who are trying to get stronger, faster, push through a plateau, lose weight or better themselves athletically doing these.

So my guess is you’re wondering if you are training seriously enough to add in the prowler.  You’ll have to answer that on your own.  But if you’re answer is yes and you want to step up to the legendary prowler challenge, give this workout a try.

  • ‪Number of sprints : 6  (3 high & 3 low)
  • ‪Rest period between sprints : 60 seconds‬
  • ‪Distance of each sprint : 40 Yards

Start off by placing just enough weight on the prowler to be able to run a good sprint with.  You will start by grabbing the horns and sprinting for 40 yeards, then rest for 60 seconds.  Going back you will grab the low handles and sprint back, followed by another 60 seconds rest.  You will continue this until you finish six sprints.

After using the prowler I can honestly say it has won more times than I.  I am not embarrassed by this at all because after watching some pretty conditioned athletes do these, they end up the same way.

Try doing these to finish off your leg days.  Depending on your goals I would only use the prowler one to two times a week and remember this is going to break down your muscle, so don’t over-train!

If your gym doesn’t have one, ask them to get one.  They are fairly inexpensive and work wonders.  The best place to order one is from If you Google “the prowler” you can find tons of different athletes who use this and the different programs they use.  Also, if you want to see some extreme prowler pushing, just YouTube “prowler” and watch in amazement.