What do you believe?

As I go through my life I have always found it very interesting to study and observe how different people view success. Not what they deem success to be, because that is different for everyone, but more how they think of success as an event that happens. I am shocked how few people understand what success truly is: the execution of a well thought out plan. While it is true, many people succeed without having an “organized” plan, however those same people possess and practice the mental thought process that allows success to materialize. Most people don’t realize what it takes to succeed in life. They are completely clueless. They think of success as something happens to a lucky few…like winning the lottery. Most people look at others who “have it all” come up with some kind of excuse as to why they aren’t successful in their own right. We’ve all heard the justifications, maybe we’ve even said them before. This is what they sound like: “Man, I could do that too if I wanted to” or “You know, I really don’t mind being a few pounds overweight… give me one of those donuts…..you gotta live!” or “He just looks that way because he has great genetics” or even “Man, that guy’s just been so lucky”. All bullshit! These are all prime examples of the justifications people make as to why they aren’t living the life they want to live. Most people never realize how self defeating they are being by communicating these excuses to themselves.

Here is what happens, they end up telling themselves so many times why great things aren’t happening to them and they start believing they cant ever have those great things. That’s where the trouble really sets in. Because the second you believe you can’t do something, your chances of ever achieving it go to zero. Belief is the soil of success, it nurtures it, supports it and allows success to grow. Once you believe in something with all your heart and get focused on the end result you desire, magical things happen. You automatically start to behave in ways that support whatever it is that you believe in. It is virtually effortless. You develop a drive and a passion that carries you through the tough parts. The opposite is also true. If you believe something can’t be done, you will behave in ways that support that belief. Thus making it impossible to ever achieve the goal you desire.

By believing in anything you are creating the potential for a reality. What this means is that without belief, there is no potential. Nothing can be accomplished. So to even have the possibility of achieving a result you have to believe that its possible. Seems basic enough, right? The thing is, by making excuses like we’ve already talked about what you are doing is burying belief under so much negativity that you begin to believe that whatever you wanted to achieve is impossible. The real shame in excuses is that when you verbalize them you aren’t only limiting yourself, you’re limiting those you care about around you. Do you really want to impact people around you in this fashion? That’s the danger of excuses…they hurt everyone. They will bury you.

Belief leads to Potential. Potential leads to Action. Action leads to Results. Everything starts with Belief.

Play along with me for a minute. I want you to take a minute and ask yourself, what do you believe is possible for yourself? What kind of results in life are you looking for? What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of house do you want to live in? What kind of car do you want to drive? What kind of money do you want to make? What kind of body do you want to have? Whats it going to feel like when you achieve those goals? How will you look? How will you behave? What will you do? How will others see you? How will you feel about yourself? Take a moment to think about all of those things. Close your eyes and think about all of these things for a few minutes.

Thinking about your ideal life should be a very energizing and exciting experience. Does it get you going? If not, you aren’t thinking hard enough about what it would really be like to have everything you ever wanted. Think harder. Put yourself there already.

Now, stop.

Do you believe your goals possible?

If you don’t right now, you better figure out a way to sell yourself on the idea that they are or you’re not gonna have a chance! The cool thing is, I guarantee you that the things you dreamed about are possible because the human mind does not desire what it knows isn’t possible. So, I’ll bet you $100 that deep down you believe all your dreams are possible, too.

The next logical question would be: What price are you willing to pay for your ideal life? Are you going to go out and make it happen or are you going to be one of the masses who lies on their death bed riddled by regrets from things you didn’t do but could have. The bottom line is you can get off your ass and make something happen or waste your entire existence. The choice is yours.

Need the cliff notes version of the life success formula? Here it is: Define what it is you want. Decide that its possible. Focus every day on the end result. It’s that simple. Everything else will take care of itself. You’ll find a way to make it happen.

Never Settle,