I find it really hard to get motivated to train consistently. I will do well for a week and then skip a week and so on. I really do want to be consistent, but with work and a family it’s hard to do. Can you give me any tips that will help me stay more...

by 1st Phorm June 21, 2009 1 min read

You’re right. Balancing a job, a family and physical fitness is hard to do. That’s why you have to make it a priority in your life to take care of yourself. Your obstacles are no different than anyone else’s. We all have other things that take up our time and make it difficult to always get to the gym and eat right. I sense that your problem may not be motivation it’s organization.

You need to start planning your days out ahead of time, on paper. Make a list everyday of five things that you absolutely have to do that day. Cross them off as you complete each task throughout the day. Two of these things should be work out and eat right. The other three could be chores like mow the grass, clean the house or fold laundry. The point is these things must get done today no matter what. Try this out and see if it doesn’t help keep you on track. Not only will this method help keep you on track, it will help you develop more confidence in yourself because it will show you that you can be consistent and you can achieve your goals. I know personally, if I didn’t do this I would get nothing done. I think after a few weeks you will find yourself on the road to great results because of your newfound consistency.

1st Phorm
1st Phorm