Johnnie Pickett

Johnnie Pickett
Runner | Edmond, OK
My name is Johnnie Pickett and I'm a 33 year old family man. I'm a father of two amazing boys and my fiancé and I are on a mission to help encourage other families in similar situations as ours. Growing up, I played baseball all the way up to high school. As my mom would still say to this day, I probably should have never stopped playing, but when it came down to it, my heart wasn't in it any longer. My dad has always and still is, into lifting heavy weight, so I gradually made my way into the gym. I was never into running, but after volunteering at the OKC Marathon, I knew I had to give it a try. I have run 1 marathon by myself and my youngest son and I have run 7 full marathons together as well as 50+ half marathons. I absolutely love pushing my body as hard as I can and watching it overcome the physical and mental barriers. I'll admit though, having Paxton with me while I run is my secret weapon. With Paxton having Cerebral Palsy, it has left him non mobile/verbal. I see him struggle daily to get from one place to another, so when we are at mile 22 of a marathon and my legs are screaming at me to slow down and walk, all I have to do is look down and see that huge smile of his to get the boost I need to finish strong for the both of us. #paxtonsarmy
For me, that was the day I became a father. It wasn’t about “me” anymore. It became “us” and what am I going to do to lead us to where we need to go. Growing up, my parents were both there to make sure I made the right decisions. Did I always listen? Hell no! However, I learned a lot and learned a lot the hard way. Now that my oldest is getting older, I am always a couple moves ahead of him and I can help direct him in the right direction. Like my father did to me, I will let my kids make their own decisions and let them learn and grow from them.
My family. Everything I do will always be for them. I have 2 boys that are watching my every move. You can always tell them how to do things, but when it comes down to it, they are watching you and learning from your actions.
When I think of the Never Settle Attitude, again, my family comes to mind. My oldest son Johnnie IV had open heart surgery at 5 months old. Paxton… Well, he is 5 and has had not only a heart surgery, but his head has been operated on 23 times. If you were to look at both kids today and see how happy they are, you would never know, besides the scars they both have. Then comes my fiance Bri. She was by Paxton's side for everyone of those surguries and stayed strong for him the entire time. I know there were days when she wanted to break down and cry, but she realized that Paxton was watching her and as long as she stayed strong, he could too as well. Those 3 are the definition of the Never Settle Attitude. Anytime I feel im having a hard day, I know I can always come home to 2 boys who are living life to the fullest and a fiance who I know that will be there for me whenever I need a little extra push.
Again, my family. Bri and I both share the same views on parenting and where we want our family to be in the future. We live a very active lifestyle and it takes both of us working as a team to make it work. Family is not just an important thing, it’s everything to us!
Then end goal is to see my family accomplish everything they set out to do. Even if it means failing a few times before it happens, Im ok with that. I would rather fail numerous times trying to figure out what needs to be done, than to sit back and live a stagnant life. Anything is possible if you are willing to work your ass off for it and don’t stop until you get it.
I'd just want everyone to realize how powerful a positive attitude is. I get that life can be tough as hell at times and it can be hard to stay positive, but its possible. Luckily I get to see the perfect example of that every day when I look at Paxton. That kid goes to battle every day from the moment he wakes up until its time to go to bed. Its extremely hard to watch him try to get from one place to the other. There are times he falls right on his face and you see him get frustrated, but he gets right back up and gets it done with a smile on his face.
Ice Cream Sandwich Level-1 is by far my favorite. Its hard for me to eat first thing in the morning before a workout, so mixing it with a scoop of Ignition is my go to every morning.
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