Krystal Cantu
CrossFit | San Antonio, TX
My name is Krystal Cantu and I am a 25 year old adaptive CrossFit athlete. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year and now train at Ballistic CrossFit out of San Antonio Texas. I was involved in a car accident on August 2, 2013 which resulted in the amputation of my right arm. I continued training a month later and with the help of my coaches began competing in various local CrossFit competitions. I work a full time job at Rackspace (an IT hosting company) and train 1-2 hours, 5 days a week.
I would have to say that my "aha" moment was the first day I stepped into a CrossFit box. I completed the WOD, felt like puking afterwards ... and immediately wanted to know what tomorrow’s WOD was. I had never been pushed to keep going nor did I ever have anyone to coach me the way those coaches did. I went home and looked into CrossFit even more ... I looked up competitions, I saw footage from the CrossFit Games and I knew this sport was what I needed. That change in me was immediate; When I want something bad enough, I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.
I have never looked to one person or thing for inspiration. I like to find inspiration any and everywhere I turn. I can find inspiration in a fictional book, bible verse, graffiti on an old building, an old college professor, my boyfriend, a thank you note ... you name it. Why look to any one person or thing when you can find true beauty and inspiration in everything? You'll come to appreciate life much more when you find inspiration and happiness all around you
To Never Settle is to never give up ... Never settle for a job that pays good money but makes you unhappy. Never Settle for a friend who only calls you when they need you. Never Settle for a trainer who just looks at themselves in the mirror for an hour while you bust your ass. Never Settle for anything other than the best. You’re capable of more than you think. You better yourself as a person by expecting the best of yourself every day. Repeat the two words in your head every day ... Never Settle! Remind yourself that life is short and you should never settle for anything that doesn’t make you happy.
So far my biggest achievement is becoming a 1st Phorm athlete. And, no ... I’m not being cheesy. I told Daniel a while back that my goal was to become a sponsored athlete. I wanted nothing more than to represent something that was bigger than me, something that I would be proud to stand behind. Being sponsored, to me, was going to be a huge accomplishment. It was going to show me that adaptive athletes still have a chance out there. I cried like a child who just found out they were going to Disney World when I got picked. When I saw Ami’s video and I heard Andy talk, I knew right then and there that 1st Phorm was the company for me. These were the people who went against the norm. These are the people who can help me make a change in this world. Not just for adaptive athletes, but for people everywhere. I wanted to become a part of that to share the vision!
My family and my boyfriend, Daniel are what keep me going. I was raised by two amazing individuals who told me to never quit and to always go after my dreams. They reminded me every day that I could be anything I wanted in life. If I wanted to be a unicorn, they would most likely encourage it. I stay strong for those three people in my life. I want to be Superwoman in their eyes. They push me and motivate me to be a better person and to stay humble no matter what. I never give up because giving up would be giving up on them. I want to be able to support my parents one day the way they have been supporting me my entire life. I never want them to worry. I want them to believe that they too have it within them to be just as strong if something like this ever happened to them. My Mom, Dad and Daniel are everything to me.
My end goal is to make it to the CrossFit Games as a part of an adaptive division. There are so many amazing athletes out there who don’t get the recognition they should. I got an email response from Crossfit HQ once saying that there was no scaling/adapting in any of the Open WODs because the end goal was to find the fittest on earth. I thought to myself, “Why can’t adaptive athletes be crowned the fittest on earth?” We put just as much heart out there as they do; we work just as hard as they do. Sure, we may not be able to carry as much weight, but I guarantee you I will bust my ass at the games (if given the chance) and show you that ANYONE can have what it takes to be crowned the fittest on earth. We just need to be given the chance.
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